Mild TBI and Life Care Plans

The webinar will discuss the epidemiology of TBI. The different types of head injuries. The difference between the primary and secondary injury. Classification of TBI. Signs and symptoms of TBI and steps of creating a comprehensive TBI LCP.
CEU: 1
Date Presented: September 8th, 2021
Presenter(s): Huma Haider, MD
Bio: Following completion of medical school, Dr. Haider completed an internal medicine residency program before embarking upon a 3 year anesthesia residency program. While at Cook County Hospital’s level 1 trauma center, Dr. Haider performed neuroanesthesia for surgical traumatic brain injury cases, as well as provided care management for traumatic brain injury patients admitted to the ICU. Having found purpose in aiding patients with neurological injury, she began a fellowship in Neurocritical care. During her fellowship year and role as Attending Neuro Intensivist, she treated thousands of patients with traumatic brain injury, learning more with each case and from each guiding physician. Moving on to a role as Attending Neuro Intensivist, Dr. Haider worked in the Neuro ICU where she diagnosed and treated numerous patients with traumatic brain injuries of all severities and with multiple sequelae. Desiring to follow patients in an outpatient capacity and moving towards total evaluation and management of traumatic brain injury care, she founded and opened the National Brain Injury Institute in March of 2018 and serves as the Medical Director. As patient volume steadily increased, Dr. Haider sought additional graduate education in psychology so as to better understand the mental health aspects of her patients and requisite care for the same. Upon graduation with a Master’s in General Psychology and an observership in neuropsychology, she began the work of becoming formally certified in Headache Medicine and was later granted said accolade. Additionally, she is a Certified Life Care Planner through the International Commission on Health Care Certifications, which enables her to complete extensive and detailed plans of care spanning the lifetime of an injured person. Throughout her 15 years in the medical field, she has contributed to the education of those in the field, and as a presenter and related scientific and clinical contributions, focusing on her field of specialty – TBI. As a quadruple board certified physician, she has served thousands of patients with brain injury, provided expert witness testimony for numerous injured parties, and continues to work towards improvements in the field via training and ongoing education.