Impact on Families & Relationships Following TBI

Traumatic brain injuries impact the survivor, the family and the support system in ways that are important to understand. The unexpected introduction of a family member into a family structure is something that one cannot prepare for and is unique to each brain injury survivor. While the stories are individual, trends and commonalities exist in the impact of TBI on family units and support systems. This presentation will explore the commonalities, address approaches and resources to assist families and survivors during the recovery process.
CEU: 1
Date Presented: April 13th 2022
Presenter(s): Kimberly Gully, MS,CCC,CCM,CBIST
Bio: Kim Gully is a speech language pathologist by original training who specializes in working with individuals who have sustained traumatic brain injuries, strokes, anoxic episodes, and other neurological conditions. She has been a Speech-Language Pathologist since 1984, a Certified Case Manager since 2005, and a Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer since 2009. She retired in 2020 after enjoying a 35-year career as an executive director, therapist, case manager, support group leader, local/regional/national speaker, and brain injury advocate. She is currently working to advocate for individuals who need assistance navigating through the recovery process after a traumatic brain injury. She runs the New Start support group for brain injury survivors and caregivers and is the President of the Medical Speech-Language Pathology Council of California.