Capitalizing on the Continuum: How Community-based Telerehab Impacts Outcomes in Catastrophic Care

Navigating the recovery journey after any injury can be overwhelming. When dealing with complex or catastrophic cases, the stakes are even higher. In many cases, the problem is that the expertise throughout the industry varies widely in terms of knowledge about and experience with the intricacies of navigating the continuum of care. A second factor is that people who have suffered complex or catastrophic injuries have a wide variety of rehabilitation needs depending on the severity of their injury, support system, and geographical location. A third contributing issue is that many providers or industry professionals fail to recognize the intertwining and interdisciplinary nature of presenting symptoms at each level in the continuum and, hence, have limited success facilitating recovery. As referrals for treatment continue nationwide, enhancing understanding and familiarity with the areas of focus and risk factors at each point in the continuum is essential for better decision making and outcomes.
CEU: 1
Date Presented: June 15th, 2022
Presenter(s): Steve Kerschke, Physical Therapist & Brad Dexter, DPT
Bio: Steve Kerschke completed both his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and his Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Saint Louis University.

He joined the clinical team at QLI in 2005, and in 2010 was promoted to serve as the Director of Therapy Services. In that role he was responsible for coordinating all therapy services at QLI as well as leading the spinal cord injury team. At that time, he also oversaw the development and implementation of QLI’s unique functional restoration/detox program.

Steve now serves as the Director of Marketing and guides the execution and strategy for QLI’s national marketing efforts, and he oversees the development of QLI’s community-based telerehabilitation services. His dual role involves developing relationships in the work comp industry and ensuring payer partners’ engagement with QLI is efficient, effective, and achieves successful outcomes.

Steve is a recipient of the James P. O’Donnell Demonstrated Excellence Award, which is QLI’s most distinguished award for employees who uphold QLI’s mission. He is also a Midland’s Business Journal 40 under 40 award winner. Steve presents both locally and nationally to educate other providers on best practices in brain and spinal cord injury, chronic pain, and limb loss rehabilitation.

Brad Dexter, DPT Physical Therapist

Brad received his doctorate in Physical Therapy from UNMC and joined QLI in 2011. After serving as the Coordinator of Therapy Services, he recently transitioned to QLI’s telerehabilitation team to help lead the clinical direction and overall development of this program.
The combination of his extensive expertise in orthopedic complications as well as his depth of knowledge on brain injury and spinal cord injury make Brad a valuable member of the QLI therapy team. Brad specializes in movement science and rehabilitation technology specific to gait and balance issues. He is a natural teacher and presents nationally educating professionals and family members on innovative rehab technology.