Michael Kaczkowski

Michael Kaczkowski is the president of Alloplastic Reconstruction, Inc. (also known as Real Life Faces Ocular and Facial Prosthetics Clinic) in Little Rock, AR. As seen on television broadcasts, including The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, The Tricia Show, and the hit TV series ER, Mr. Kaczkowski’s allied health technologies have been distributed worldwide to thousands of individuals needing prosthetic and alloplastic restoration. Many of his technologies have become household-recognized tradenames within the international prosthetics community. As a 30+ year specialist in life-like artistic restorations, he has personally treated celebrities from across the globe, including famous actors, models, and politicians. He also donates his prosthetic eye technologies in developing and third-world countries.

Originally from New York, Mr. Kaczkowski started his career as an artist and inventor in Manhattan. After achieving International recognition, he moved to the Southern United States to raise a family and reestablished his clinic and organizations in Little Rock, AR, aside the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and the Veterans Administration Hospital.

Contact Michael Kaczkowski at: mdk@reallifefaces.com

Alloplastic Reconstruction, Inc.

“Real Life Faces” is one of the names used to describe the combined products and services of The Center for Alloplastic Facial Reconstruction (Alloplastic Reconstruction, Inc.) and Arkansas Artificial Eye Clinic. Together these two entities work collectively to develop new prosthetic/alloplastic technologies and serve patients directly within the Clinic and surrounding hospitals. The Clinic’s director, Michael D. Kaczkowski, has been serving patients’ needs for over thirty years (since 1989), creating many unique prosthetic technologies that have been fitted on literally thousands of patients throughout the world.

Ocular and Facial Prosthetics Restoration

“The Real Life Center” is devoted to improving the quality of life for individuals affected by disfigurement and amputation through the sensitive replication of natural anatomy. Presenter Michael D. Kaczkowski, will provide a look into facial reconstruction and provide insights into unique prosthetic- anaplastology type restorations for most anything missing on the human body. He will share examples of facial reconstruction of the eye, ear, nose and the process for reconstruction and restoration as well as the psychological impact of facial reconstruction. Costs associated with alloplastic restoration will be provided as well as warranty information, maintenance, and the process from analysis to fitting and beyond.