Shelene Giles holds college degrees in Nursing, Rehabilitation Counseling, Psychology, and Business Administration. She is a licensed Registered Nurse, and her certifications include Certified Nurse Life Care Planner, Life Care Planning – Certified, Medical Cost Projection – Certified, Medicare Set-Aside – Certified, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and Legal Nurse Consultant Certified. Shelene has extensive knowledge in the specialty practice of Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, Medicare Set-Asides, and Case Management. She has been employed in these areas for nearly thirty years. Shelene specializes in determining the future cost of care in catastrophic and non-catastrophic cases. She provides her knowledge as a consultant and expert witness. She has authored peer-reviewed articles and provides education and mentorship within these specialty practices. She has been involved in many professional organizations, including being elected to serve as President in 2008 with the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners (AANLCP), being elected in 2019 for the AANLCP Ambassador Award, and being elected in 2021 for the International Association of Rehabilitation Professional (IARP) Life Care Planning Educator Award.

Shelene Giles is the founder of FIG Services, Inc. (FIG), which is an independently owned corporation that provides services directed at determining and understanding the future cost of care within a catastrophic or non-catastrophic injury/illness. FIG focuses on the medical damages of a case. FIG provides these services as a consultant or expert witness. FIG is also an internationally recognized educational provider and coach in life care planning, medical cost projections, and Medicare Set-Asides. Educational classes also meet the criteria for the initial and renewal of certifications in Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, and Medicare Set-Asides. FIG’s educational classes are taught online, virtually, and onsite. Having been in these fields for decades, FIG also offers coaching/mentorship within these specialty fields.

FIG Education

As FIG learns – you also learn!  In an effort to achieve the FIG vision and mission, we are continuously striving to expand and enhance the FIG Education branch.  At FIG, we practice what we teach.  As we learn in the industry, this knowledge is brought back into the classroom.  All of our instructors are practicing Life Care Planners.  Also, we are excited to share new FIG educational resources in the near future – which will help you Grow YOUR Career in these specialty practices.

Players & Practices in the Field of Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning is a specialty practice within the fields of medicine, healthcare, and rehabilitation. Life Care Planning is under the umbrella of medical damages which is the determination of future care with associated costs for individuals with a catastrophic and non-catastrophic injury/illness. Life Care Planning is practiced primarily in the insurance and litigation arena. Whether sitting in the plaintiff or defense chair, the Life Care Planner should be knowledgeable of the players and practices within their specialty practice to show credibility and accurately support or defend their opinions as an expert witness. Shelene Giles will share the details among the players and practices within the field of Life Care Planning.