Edward Garcia MAFF

Qualified as an expert witness in Federal and Superior Court of California. Over seventeen years of
experience valuing economic losses for civil litigation. Constructed hundreds of economic loss models
in personal injury, wrongful death, employment, medical malpractice, wage hour class action, business-related, brokerage negligence and other types of litigation. Actively teaching university-level economics and finance courses. Currently the Mayor Pro Tempore for the City of Sierra Madre, CA

What Is All the Fuss About Present Value?
What Economists Love to See in Life Care Plans

Most states require all future economic losses be reduced to present value. There are certain components that an economist needs to value a life care plan. Current cost, frequency, and duration are the major items. Many economists also like to break cost categories down according to what entity is sending the bill. The goal of this presentation is to give some insight to inflation and discounting to present value. With this knowledge, life care planners will understand why economists love to see certain things within plans. When the economist and life care planners are on the same page, the testimony of these two witnesses will flow better leading to more retentions.