RJ Adler

Wheel Pad

WheelPad is dedicated to those who need mobility solutions and seek independence at home.

WheelPad is a company centered around those who desire choices when faced with injury, disability, or chronic health complications. We believe you should have the choice to remain at home to heal and live. We are proud to offer tiny home style accommodations with true universal accessibility, ready to adapt to your home and property, and to any lifestyle change.

WheelPad offers our Personal Accessible Dwellings (PADs) for living, and healing, at home.

Compared to accessible home renovations, our platform can be deployed in weeks, rather than months, offering a perfect solution to caring for a loved one at home, moving grandparents closer, or simply enjoying independence and comfort on your property. Time is rarely a luxury when a life-changing event is presented, so we designed WheelPAD home attachments to deliver accessibility and comfort, fast.

Evaluate The Future of Universal Accessibility at Home