Life Care Planning and Prosthetics...A Step in the Right Direction


Come learn about key information to include as you develop a Life Care Plan for a client requiring a prosthetic. Have you wondered why post amputation care and costs are not the same as future care and costs? We will discuss how to calculate prosthetic costs as well as to determine reasonable replacement costs.


  1. Patient Functional Levels related to Prosthetic Technology
  2. Prosthetic Rehabilitation Progression, why post amputation care and costs are not relevant to future long term prosthetic care projections.
  3. Establishing Fair Market Value for prosthetics.
  4. Validate Reasonable Useful Lifetime (RUL) of prosthetic technology.
  5. Calculating prosthetic costs related to supplies, maintenance and replacement sockets.

Presenter: Dale Allen Berry, CP, CP(c), LP, RTP, FAAOP

Presentation Date: February 12th 2020

CEU’s: 1.0

About The Presenter: 

  • Certified in prosthetics in USA and Canada.
  • Licensed in Texas, Minnesota & Illinois.
  • Over 35 years of clinical care experience
  • 20 years as VP Clinical Operations for the largest provider of prosthesis in the USA.
  • Invented advanced prosthetic evaluation process & protocol, currently identified as industry standard and utilized by major insurance companies nationwide.
  • Developed clinical operational procedure resulting in the approval of advanced myo-electric and microprocessor prosthesis for over 35,000 individuals with limb loss.