Junna Care - How it can help your LNCP business!

Shanna is the owner of Ripple Life Care Planning founded in 2014. Shortly after starting her practice, she looked for software to meet her small business needs, something cost-effective, she could track her time with, invoice clients and track her referral sources and resources. She could not find the software that met her needs, so she hired a developer and developed her own. Junna Care was launched in 2018.


  1. An attendee will be able to identify how to improve your practice with time management software.
  2. Identify how to spend less time on non-billable hours by automating case notes and invoicing.
  3. Develop tasks to prioritize a list of items needed to run your business and follow up appropriately to optimize time and tasks.
  4. Educate attendees on how to organize paperless files in order to become paperless while maintaining HIPAA compliance.
  5. Learn how your clients/attorneys can upload HIPPA compliant files, making sharing on files easy for the referral source and yourself to optimize time.

Presenter: Shanna Huber, RN, BSN, MSN/Ed, CCM, CLCP, CNLCP

Recorded: January 9, 2019