Executive Board Meeting Minutes
June 8, 2021


I.Call to order: 16:45 CST
Present: Erin OConnell, Andrea Nebel, Penny Cates, Richard Bays
II.Approval of the Agenda – Unanimous approval
III.Approval of the Minutes – Unanimous approval

Treasurer Report

Income from conference: $19,025.00 (May 2021, not total conference)
Income from renewals: can’t track this well currently
Income from new memberships: can’t track this well currently
Income from other sources
Associate Basic Membership $37.50
Associate Premier Membership $554.38
Basic Membership $468.75
Premier Membership $3,489.60
Student Basic Membership 1st Year $396.00
Student Premier Membership $00.00
Interest Income $01.01
Total income: $23,972.24

Expenses paid: $6,553.95
Recurrent monthly expenses: $1,900.00
Extra monthly expenses: $728.02
Expenses related to conference: $2,849.14
Total expenditures: $12,031.11

From Penny: There was a figure populated prior to my entries in the amount of $48,464.68 (net profit) on the line “income from conference”. It was moved here for preservation as above numbers are for May 2021 only. The figure likely represents the entire conference income.

Penny’s Financial Agenda
Recommend Considering moving money for large annual expenses to savings until they are due. I.e. ODG, PMIC, Insurance, etc. Given the way money moves through the organization and the timing of these expenses, this will allow us to be realistic when it comes to cash flow.
Financial sustainability of AANLCP – How do we accomplish?
Who owns AANLCP? This may be something that must be addressed when we discuss sustainability.
Is someone missing from our “Advisory Board” regarding financial health? I.e. Do we need to draw a bigger circle in this area?

Membership Report

Currently, we have 272 members with:
Student Premier – 14
Student Basic- 4
Associate Premier – 21
Premier – 165
Basic – 60
Associate – 8

Ongoing Agenda Items

V.Stacy Moffett – contract (2020: pre-conference only:1; All 4 days: 14; Main event: 89 -> Total 104 2021 pre-conference entire day: 29, pre-conf am:6, pre-conf pm: 7, all 3 days main event: 104, 1st day: 14, 2nd day: 2 -> Total: 162)
Conference bonus approved $2K
VI.Sponsors – Advertisements, etc to be fulfilled
VII.Lubna – payment (would like fixed monthly payments – https://wise.com/gb/multi-currency-account/?source=publicNavbar (been using for 3 years) OR https://www.payoneer.com/

New Business

VIII.Long-term sustainability as a nonprofit entity (Penny)
IX.Event Planner for 2022 conference
X.Conference committee – Jess Urie, & Andrea G.
XI.EB Nominations open through June 21st 2021
XII.Nursing-alliance – annual conference August 28-29, 2021 https://www.nursing-alliance.org/nursing-alliance-leadership-academy-nala – EB will attend
XIII.Conference committee job list being created
XIV.Annual Member Meeting – Committee Reports
XV.Marketing – Fall virtual one day conference proposed
XVI.Adjournment @ 18:30 CST

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