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The Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning is published quarterly in spring, summer, winter, and fall.  Journal contents are also indexed at the Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) at

Contributors: Are you a life care planning professional, or a healthcare professional with a passion for the life care planning and rehabilitation industry? AANLCP is seeking authors and contributors for the Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning, a peer reviewed journal published quarterly.  Click here to contact the journal editor, Wendie Howland for more information and to get involved. You may also consider reviewing APA guidelines for citations and references, , our Copyright Assignment and Agreement, in addition to Information for Authors. Advertisers: The Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning reaches over 1500 readers each quarter published digitally through AANLCP, as well as EBSCO Host. If this is your marketplace, consider placing an advertisement in our next journal. Click here from more details.

AANLCP Journal Summer 2019
Pain Management

AANLCP Journal Spring 2019
Licensure, Qualifications, Certifications

AANLCP Journal Winter 2019
Presidents Issue

AANLCP Journal Spring 2018
 Coding & Costing

AANLCP Journal Winter 2017
Mobility and Extremity Function

AANLCP Journal Fall 2017
Back and Spine

AANLCP Journal Summer 2017
The Business of Life Care Planning

AANLCP Journal Spring 2017
 JNLCP Brain Injury

AANLCP Journal Winter 2016
Home Care

AANLCP Journal Fall 2016
Multicultural Life Care Planning Topics

AANLCP Journal Summer 2016
Topics in GI

AANLCP Journal Spring 2016
 Topics in Pain

AANLCP Journal Winter 2015
Topics in Perinatal and Childhood NLCP

AANLCP Journal Fall 2015
Life Care Planning in Burns

AANLCP Journal Summer 2015
Topics in Transplantation

AANLCP Journal Winter 2014
 LCP and the ACA

AANLCP Journal Fall 2014
Psych Topics in NLCP

AANLCP Journal Summer 2014
Life Care Planning Across All Ages

AANLCP Journal Spring 2014
Technology Updates

AANLCP Journal Winter 2013
 Home Modifications

AANLCP Journal Fall 2013
The Work of Nurse Life Care Planning

AANLCP Journal Summer 2013
Ethics in Life Care Planning

AANLCP Journal Spring 2013
Motor and Development Disorders

AANLCP Journal Winter 2012
 Veterans Administration and LCP

AANLCP Journal Fall 2012
Brain Injury

AANLCP Journal Summer 2012
Electrical Stimulation Technology

AANLCP Journal Spring 2012
Coding and Costing

AANLCP Journal Winter 2011
 Pain Management

AANLCP Journal Fall 2011
 Burns and Life Care Planning

AANLCP Journal Summer 2011
 Recreational and Vocational Aspects in Life Care Planning

AANLCP Journal Spring 2011
Adaptive Technology

AANLCP Journal Winter 2010
Working in Life Care Planning

AANLCP Journal Fall 2010 
Multiple Trauma LCP

AANLCP Journal Summer 2010
 Elder Care Planning

AANLCP Journal Spring 2010
Pediatric & Adolescent Life Care Planning

AANLCP Journal Winter 2009
Amputation Part 1

AANLCP Journal Winter 2009 
Amputation Part 2

AANLCP Journal Fall 2009
 Preconference Issue

AANLCP Journal Summer 2009
Spinal Cord Injury

AANLCP Journal Spring 2009