AANLCP Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning
Editorial Committee Minutes
Sept. 22, 2021
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Contributing: Dawn Cook, Michele Cook, Kelly Dawson, Cheryl Halkowicz,
Patty Hedrick, Wendie Howland, Linda Husted, Jenn Masse

OLD Business: NEED more topics to plan ahead for 2023, also fill out more ideas for the two we decided on, see below

Planning ahead:

August, NLCP across ages: out to AANLCP to distribute
November- (deadline July 15): Topics in Expert witnessing, testimony, methods and resources — In production, reviews going out to authors

February   (October 15 deadline) Criminal NLCP work; focus on NLCP for special cases/ victims damages in litigation

  • PTSD; multiple causes; Evelyn is not able to get to this; anybody else?
  • Jenn Masse is going to ask a therapist for a Q&A on different types of therapies, continuing trauma for survivors; looks different for a time-limited vs ongoing condition
  • Spousal abuse? Holly knows a social worker who could contribute/network contributor
  • Trafficking?  Refer to Winter 2018 JLNC p28 Mason article; but since this does not include LCP information, would suggest using it for background and building LCP on that. Suggest contacting Sherri Mason  at SherriRN66@gmail.com <mailto:SherriRN66@gmail.com> for possible collaboration. Andrea G will be doing this
  • Forensics: Kirsten will talk about the spectrum of LCP needs for this
  • Prisoner cases— Tricia had to document substandard care, assessment, LCP perspective on several cases like this; care available in prisons—LTC equivalents? LCP for this population
  • April has a few criminal case studies that would be instructive— send ‘em in!

May  NOTE CHANGE!!   Spine and joint procedures, Deadline Jan 15.

  • Alternatives to opioids? New tech? CBD? CBT?
  • “Joints: I wish we had articles about joints. I often do cost projections for shoulder, hip and knee surgery including injections, exploratory surgery, PT, joint replacements and revisions, for many LCP.  Occasionally finger joint and ankle joint (including fusion).I could see articles on specific joints, injections, smaller surgeries, replacement surgeries, revision surgeries. And all the care needed before and afterward. Cheryl (lower extremities) Gerrie (upper extr), Patty (spine) will partner on coordinating this suite of short pieces.
  • Coding for joint procedures to be included
  • Jenn M has a physician interested in opioid-free ortho surg, techniques, details, costing, meeting next week; we brainstormed a lot of questions for her to ask but please send more if you think of something.
  • A number of suggestions for spinal and joint injections, including PRP could go in this issue. Excellent 2015 article by Cheryl Kaufman out to someone I hope can update it for this issue. (Attached) Does anybody have contacts for this? Cheryl is swamped.
  • “Neuromonitoring: for the brain and spine surgery. I am confused on what to include, the codes and if the costs are double if the neurologist is not in the actual room. It would be great to learn more!”Cheryl Halkowicz will be working on this.

August “Transplantation”  (due April 15) We have not done any transplantation issue since 2015. There are lots of new medications for both and new  developments like using organs with less of a typing match, and maybe some covid lung replacements.”  Please get out your contact lists and see if you can find a few folks for these and 
Other topics:

  • Cheryl H has a transplant nurse, talking to him next week.
  • LT needs
  • Follow up labs and other testing
  • Lungs for cystic fibrosis, COVID, etc.; conference will be doing a topic there
  • solid, liquid, and hollow organs
  • Face, hands etc.
  • Renal — failure, transplantation, dialysis, nephrology, pedi transplants (Lora White?)

November  “Burns” (due July 15)  not done since 2015, updates in the works?

  • Do you have contacts in the burn world, call the clinical specialist at the nearest burn unit, etc?
  • Clinic followup
  • Clothing, makeup, sunscreen-impregnated— products, manufacturers- Andrea G
  • Rehab
  • Home care: supplies, wounds
  • Psych followup

2023 Future issue topics?

  • Citations
  • Home care— aides, drivers, yard work, ADLs, American Time Study vs individual assessment; how to reliably do cost research; how to do a good assessment, OT/PT assessments, adaptive equipment; home mods, resources; home care studs of practice; safety; case mgmt
  • Fiduciary considerations: guardianship, fiduciary, are there other considerations the NLCP needs to know?
  • Pediatrics: Kelly Dawson knows pedi nurses doing NLCPs; family involvement; assessment of special services > normally doing it; difference from adults; special considerations for family support, G&D, equipment sizing and replacement intervals….what else?

Schedule / Deadlines NOTE dates for reviews in please!
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