Executive Board Meeting Minutes
September 13, 2022

I. Call to order: 16:45 CST

II. Present: Erin OConnell, Andrea Nebel, Richard Bays, Jim Quinn, Stacey White

III. Approval of the Agenda – Unanimous

IV.  4:15 PM PST Shelene Giles to join

V. Approval of the Minutes (June and August) – Unanimous

VI. Reports

Treasurer Report

Review of Balance Sheet

Proposed conference ticket prices:

Ticket TypeEst ticket salesTicket Price Discount %Notes
AANLCP Member Early Bird Pricing


$ 499.00$24,950.0010.89%Cap at 50* tickets. Must be an AANLCP Member at the time of purchase. Add membership option during cart checkout.
Main Conference – Member


$ 560.00$33,600.00  
Main Conference – Non-Member


$ 630.00$6,300.00  
Late Registration – Member


$ 610.00$1,830.00 Use late deadline to drive purchase behavior. Hotel registraion cutoff if Feb 12.
Late Registration – Non-Member


$ 680.00$1,360.00  


   *Not to exceed 50% of ticket sales

The proposed ticket prices and the sponsorship estimate align with our conference goals; Outcome: Board approves as is.

Corporate Membership – Bylaws state “Company individual membership shall comprise  those groups of individuals (five[5] or more)……”

– Pricing Basic Corporate $999, Premier Corporate $1999 ($225, $475) – Lubna to clarify on website/application

Sponsorship Report 

Contacts  our group has made: 

  • Software/Practice Management Services: 17
  • Legal Providers/Support: 3
  • Systems/Hospital Programs: 3
  • DME: 5
  • Assistive Technology: 2
  • Orthotics/Prosthetics: 4
  • Supplies/Meds: 1
  • Local Vendors- TN, greater Memphis area: 11
  • Those that hire subcontractors: 4
  • Home Modification/Universal Design: 1
  • Vehicle Modification: 1
  • Nurse-focused: 3 

Verbal Confirmations (Andrea to send Mo update) 

  • United Access – Mo needs to confirm that we can bring a vehicle into conf  space
  • My Junna- software platform rep’ed by a nurse. Wants to sponsor.
  • SafeinHome- monitoring assistive tech.
  • First Honey- sponsor
  • Cardinal Consulting- NLCP colleague
  • Craigmyle Consulting- NLCP colleague
  • FIG Education and Services
  • Veloci-Docs- Document review software
  • United Access- vehicle alteration/ mobility
  • Find-a-Code- sponsor
  • WheelPad- maybe exhibit

Ongoing Agenda Items

VIII. Executive Board Positions


Policies and Procedures describe the role of the operation manager. The goal is to give the executive board the most support available.

=> Packet for newly elected board members

Members at Large

Action item/Deadline: Draft description 

Outcome: TBD

IX. Strategic Planning Meeting 2022

Link to book hotel room sent to all current board members and Monique. Will need to send to elected board members once voted in.

=> Packet for newly elected board members

Mission statement – all EB members

Bylaws/Policy and Procedures – President-Elect to track any proposed  changes to the bylaws and changes to the policies and procedures.

Action item/Deadline: Discuss at SPM 

Outcome: Pending meeting

X. Conference


– Ticket pricing

Possible loss of attendees due to med-legal conference with overlapping dates

XI. Newsletter

– Advertisement/fee schedule – see/review separate document – Approved  – Review current wording from executive board news.

– Anthony – payment for newsletter formatting – Follow up with Jim

Action item/Deadline: TBD

Outcome:  Pending additional information

XII. Lubna contract

Update hourly pay and send to Lubna for signature – Richard

Action item/Deadline: Coming soon 

Outcome:  Pending additional information

XIII. Fall Conference 

Whova platform paid for – Thursday, November 10th

Will start advertising in Newsletter, email and social media. Will send to board for approval.

Action item/Deadline: Conference will be 11/10/2022 

Outcome:  conference to proceed as scheduled

XIV. Town Hall Meeting

Andrea to work on it

Action item/Deadline: TBD 

Outcome:  TBD

XV. Open Forum

For members regarding rebranding (see Newsletter)

Meet up with Shelene regarding changes in LCP

Action item/Deadline: Newsletter – working on copy

Outcome: Dates TBD Oct 27, 28, & 29 

XVI. Rebranding/Website

 Evelyn Robert – TC 6/9/22 (IALCP) – reach out to Susan Grisham, chair of  IALCP

Lisa Mancuso – TC 6/13/22 (President AALNC) – reach out to Karen Wilkinson,  Director of programs

Branding contractor – Awaiting proposal

New Business 

I. Core Curriculum – Will get update on status

II. Application for RN CEUs – expires end of October – Erin

III. Provide RN CEUs for IARP fall conference-add a banner to our list of  sponsors for providing the RN CEUs and provide a table in the exhibit hall for your group – Approved 

IV. Directory for non-nurse life care planners

V. Political Action Committee

VI. Member Needs Assessment

VII. Adjournment: 18:50 CST


Andrea Nebel, President 
Erin OConnell, Past President 
Stacey White, President Elect
Richard Bays, Secretary 
James Quinn, Treasurer