Executive Board Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2023

Call to order: 1648 CDT

Members Present: Misty, Jim, Jess, Andrea, Shelly

Approval of the Agenda: Unanimously approved

Approval of the May Minutes: Unanimously approved 


Treasurer’s Report

May 1st, 2023 Opening Checking Balance:   $119,564.36 

May 1st, 2023 Opening Savings Balance:   $115,179.17 


Income from renewals: $4,468.50

Income from New Memberships: $475.00

Advertising: $100.00

Income from other sources 

Basic Membership: $1,324.00

Book Sales: $55.04

Webinars Member: $282.49 

Webinars Nonmember: $147

Interest: $105.33

Total income for May:  $6,957.45 


Contracted Labor: $5,168.20

Software: $327.45

Bank Fees: $35.00

Printing & Reproduction: $31.25

Insurance Policy: $5,936.00                                                                           

Extra monthly expenses (Merchant Fees): $222.39

Administrative Expenses: $115.00

2023 Final Conference Expenses: $12,430.42

Conference Marketing: $750.00

Total expenditures: $25,015.71   

May 31, 2023 Closing Checking Balance Actual: $100,263.21 

May 31, 2023 Closing Checking Balance based on calculations: (banking postings in transit.)   $101,506.10   

May 31, 2023 Closing Savings Balance Actual:   $115,277.03 

Total liquid assets as of May 31, 2023 (Actual, not calculated): $215,540.24

  • Jim to update the EB re: advertisers in Journal. Need to Create a fee schedule for advertisements in the journal.
  • Jim had a conference call with Stephen to review 
  • Next step – oversite regarding the journal. Needs to be reviewed by EB prior to publication.
  • Need to follow up with 2023 sponsors regarding their journal ad.
  • Reviewed board member interaction with committees per policies and procedures. 
  • Motion to approve Treasurer’s report –  Unanimously approved.

Ongoing Agenda Items

Administrative Support

  • Coordination with Lubna and Colin through June 22, 2023. Final payment to Lubna should be on June 22, 2023.
  • Colin’s proposal for telephone services so he and/or his staff can answer the phone line directly. Unanimous approval of Colin’s proposal.
  • Discussed keeping our current phone number that has multiple other things tied to it, and adding a vanity number such as 800 AANLCP1
  • Who checks the mail in Salt Lake City. Andrea stated the mail service scans in the mail and it is uploaded to info@aanlcp. Andrea will follow up on process for certified mail. 
  • Colin would like to promote webinars through social media. He will discuss with Becky and has had a discussion with Mo. Will put on agenda for next committee chair meeting.
  • List serv management. 
  • Colin will go through the list of expired members. Jenn Craigmile would like that list.
  • Directions will be updated.

Open Positions

  • A request for nominations for Treasurer and President-Elect will be sent out to all members via email. Discussed the email type and dates. 
  • Send to membership by July 1. Thirty days for responses then, follow up with phone calls if needed.
  • Add 2 Dircector at Large positions to nomination form/email.
  • Colin to assist with email chains and deadlines

Conference 2024

    • Need to review, edit, and finalize Speaker Agreement sent from Monique for EB’s 
      • review and approval.
  • EB to review proposed Conference Decision Making Guidelines sent from Monique for EB’s review and approval
  • Need to review and approve budget – Jim to work with Monique on draft budget to present to the EB for final approval


Shelly provided an update on status of Core and steps the board needs to take:

  • Ant is not a printer, distributor, or marketer. He does not do the cover. He indicated that he can ready the book for print, but the last edition is printed on demand by iUniverse as it is ordered from Amazon. It is also available in a Kindle edition. 
  • We need to decide the size of the book (he recommended standard sizes 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 or 8 1/2 x 11). The last one was 6×9 which is not a standard size so more costly.
  • We need to decide what font we want to use. The last one was 12-point font and it is really quite large and increases the number of pages. Ant recommends 11-point text in a serif font such as Garamond or Times New Roman.
  • We need to decide on the cover. Barbara and I suggest it be very similar to the original book with color gradients, but in our other color – Orange, with black text. This makes it stand out on the shelf and be similar to the previous version yet different. Just a suggestion. The other option is to have a similar look as the Scope and Standards. The artwork for the last Core Curriculum was done by Shelene’s husband.
  • Editors recommend hiring a proof reader to give it a final review before it goes from us to the publisher.  
  • When does the board want to do their final review? Before or after the publisher’s proof?

The bulleted items will be sent in an email to board members for comments and voting. 

Ant has indicated his cost will increase and recommends $3,000.00 to set up pages and artwork. He cannot provide all of the services offered by Remington Publishing or iUniverse. There may be more cost effective options for self-publishing other than using Ant. Shelly is researching options, and she will have an additional discussion with Ant since there is a contract in place. 

FIG Advertisement

FIG resigned from Crash Cart June 5, 2023; letter did not specify termination date.

  • Call to Shelene by Misty, not returned. Misty emailed Shelene on June 12, 2023 asking for clarification of termination date. Jess will follow up.
  • Jim will speak with Colin regarding removal of advertising from website

The Expert Institute

The Expert Institute expressed an interest in partnering with AANLCP, which might help our members obtain more work. 

  • A follow up email was sent to them on June 8, 2023 to gather more information pertaining to what they have in mind as their email was a little vague.
    • “We would like to give your colleagues the opportunity to serve as thought leaders in their respective fields by potentially being retained to opine on some of the largest legal matters in North America and beyond.” 
  • In the past, they have expressed an interest in sponsoring the conference and /or advertising.

Action Item: Who will follow up with Expert Institute? – Jim (per the April meeting); has Jim had any contact with them?

Scope and Standard of Practice

Application will need finalized and emailed to all members. 

Fall Conference

Need to upload all authorized videos for purchase – follow up with Colin (has this been completed? Was addressed in April 2023 meeting)

  • Members $25/session
  • Non-member $45/session


  • The Website can be updated but a new logo, etc. should not be completed until the Bylaws have been updated and presented to the membership and voted on 30 days after presented.
  • EB to consider a separate meeting to get the Bylaws completed in accordance with the vote taken at the March 2023 Conference in Memphis. 
  • Request for a working meeting on Bylaws by July 12. Would like the Bylaws to the membership on Aug 1 for vote on Sep 1. EB to discuss date/time for special meeting to finalize edits to Bylaws that works for everyone’s schedule.

New Business  

  • Standards of Practice Booklet – Will need to schedule a separate meeting to get moving forward with this. Would be great to get the directors at large in position to assist with this.
  • CNLCP Certification board announcement.

The meeting was paused from 1730-1840 to enter into the Joint Meeting session with committee chairs.

The meeting was adjourned at 1940

Respectfully Submitted

Shelly Kinney

Secretary, AANLCP