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From Hospital to Home: A Pediatric Providers perspective on Best and Worst Case Scenarios in Catastrophic Injury Webinar


The transition from hospital to home with a child who has experienced a catastrophic injury can be both celebratory and frightening. Although inpatient medical teams assist parents in preparation for discharge, most parents are ill prepared for what life will be like once home. The role of the Nurse Life Care Planner (NLCP) in a case involving a child may focus not only on determining immediate needs but future needs through the child’s lifespan. In this webinar, the speaker shares from a provider’s perspective challenges technology dependent children and their families face, both in the hospital and at discharge. This webinar hopes to provide the NLCP with valuable information that will support them when anticipating the needs for future care in children with significant medical complexity.


  1. Identify three essential provisions that must be in place in the life of a technology dependent child in order to provide the safest home environment in which to grow.
  2. Discuss major components that directly impact a child’s mobility at various stages of growth while requiring dependence on life saving technology.
  3. Recognize the many hardships families of children suffering a catastrophic injury take on and list two care options that might be available for families