Conference Speaker Details

Speaker shall not make any statement, orally or in writing, publicly or privately, or do any act or otherwise conduct itself in such a manner as will or may disparage AANLCP, it’s directors, officers, employees, or their business, products or services.

Speaker understands and agrees to abide by AANLCP’s rule not to allow obvious solicitation of Speaker’s services or products.

Speaker grants a non-exclusive, unlimited, irrevocable, global and royalty free license to AANLCP to record the presentation via any medium and to reproduce, display, create derivative works from and disseminate the recorded presentation and presentation materials (“Materials”).

Speaker represents and warrants to AANLCP that all materials used in the preparation and delivery of a presentation (“Presentation Materials”) on behalf of AANLCP is original material created by the undersigned, or otherwise are materials which the undersigned has all rights and authority to use and/or reproduce in connection with such presentation and to grant the rights to AANLCP as set forth herein.

Speaker agrees to defend, indemnify and hold AANLCP harmless against all damages, costs, expenses, fines and other amounts incurred by or asserted against AANLCP arising from Speaker’s conduct in connection with such presentation.

Speaker grants AANLCP a royalty-free license to use his or her name, likeness, photograph, and biographical data, including current or previous employer’s company name, in connection with promotion and sales of the Conference and Materials.

Speaker grants AANLCP license to reproduce, display, create derivative works from and disseminate the Presentation Materials.