Conference Committee Meeting

Date: 12/16/21
Time: 5:30 -6:30pm EDT

In attendance: Jessica Urie RN, BSN, CLCP; Andrea Goicoechea; Cheryl Halkowicz
Staff: Sarah Botruff

I. Conference Updates Jessica Urie/ Sarah Botruff
    a. Virtual Conference Updates
        1. Conference Date March 10-12, 2022
        2. New Logo– Please vote via email by 5pm EST. Monday December 20, 2021
    b. Review Speaker Placement in Schedule
    c. Committee Speakers Reach out
            i. We are still searching for a Keynote speaker, and larger name speakers to draw interest in registration and conference topics.
II. Reminder: Bios and Headshots request for committee members Sarah Botruff
    a. Link to Submit:
    b. Need: Jessica Urie, Leticia Villareal Barraza, Cynthia Bourbeau, Cheryl Halkowicz, Joan Schofield, Shaun Server, Lubna Tabbassum
III. Set 2022 meeting schedule Sarah Botruff
    a. Next Meeting: Wednesday January 12th, 4:00 EST
    b. Submit Doodle poll for best dates to meet.
Link to submit:

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Create a speaker outline what to know before you speak             Cindy Halkwicz                                        Jan 12, 2022



Reach out to potential speakers, search for a Keynote speaker      ALL



Submit preferred Committee dates                                                         ALL                                                           Jan 12, 2022