Executive Board Meeting Minutes
August 10, 2021


I.Call to order: 16:00 CST
Present: Erin OConnell, Andrea Nebel, Penny Cates, Richard Bays, Jim Quinn, Stacey White
II.Approval of the Agenda – Unanimous approval
III.Approval of the Minutes – Unanimous approval

Treasurer Report

Current Checking balance $52,951.79
Current Savings balance $60,132.48 (44K base + ODG & PMIC
savings for early 2022)
Current Paypal balance $ 6,368.16
Current Cash $119,452.43

Income from conference: $ 500.00
Income from renewals: Bookkeeper doesn’t know breakdown of
renewals vs. new.
Income from new memberships:
Income from other sources
Associate Basic Membership $ 37.50
Associate Premier Membership $ 712.78
Basic Membership $ 468.75
Premier Membership $ 1,939.60
Student Basic Membership 1st Year
Student Premier Membership
Interest Income $ .98
Total income: $3,659.61

Non- recurrent expenses paid: $3,622.19
Recurrent monthly expenses: $1,900.00
Extra monthly expenses: $ 114.85
Expenses related to conference: – 6.88
Total expenditures: $5,630.16


Membership Report

Will review next meeting

2021-2022 Annual Sponsorship Report

No updates at this time
Ongoing Agenda Items
Event Planner/Company for 2022 conference – Pending references
Lubna – payment (would like fixed monthly payments – https://wise.com/gb/multi-currency-account/?source=publicNavbar (been using for 3 years) OR https://www.payoneer.com/
Hiring addl. Virtual assistant – Looking for options
Fall virtual conference – Tentative November 4th on Whova

New Business

Membership fee
Annual Member Meeting – Committee Reports
Becky Czarnik – Next webinar is canceled due to the speaker illness
Adjournment 18:30 CST

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