AANLCP Member Listserv

The Listserv is a tool for AANLCP members to communicate with one another on an electronic basis. 

The Listserv is not moderated, and so we ask that all participants abide by a few rules of etiquette.

Messages to the Listserv are delivered to all participants. Please remember to…

  • ListServ information can’t be forwarded or shared with anyone outside of the association

  • Keep paragraphs and messages short and to the point. 

  • Focus on one subject per message. 

  • Limit line length and avoid control characters. Be sure your message word wraps so the receiver gets the entire message.

  • Include your signature at the bottom of your messages. Your signature footer should include your name, firm, and not only your complete e-mail address but your telephone and fax numbers as well.

It’s Not Just What You Say…

  • Be professional and careful about what you say about others. E-mail is easily forwarded, and cries of libel and slander can result. 

  • Refrain from making off-color comments or suggestions; they are not professional. 

  • Be careful when using humor or sarcasm. Without face-to-face communication, your joke may not be taken as such. 

  • No political postings or comments are permitted

  • When quoting from other sources, please give appropriate attribution. 

  • Conversations about pricing and/or fees will not be tolerated. To avoid any implication of anti-trust steer clear of these topics.

It’s How You Say It…

  • When responding to a message, *edit out* whatever is not directly applicable to your reply. Including the entire original message is a waste of space and annoying to those reading it. 

  • Capitalize words only to add emphasis or highlight an important point. *Asterisks* surrounding a word also can be used to make a stronger point. Also, please remember that all caps are universally perceived in an e-mail as SHOUTING, turn off the caps lock.

  • Avoid symbols. Since most of the participants on the Listserv are not Internet proficient in the symbolism of e-mail, avoid using even the most commonly used e-mail symbols; let’s stick to text only. 

  • As we all know, there is a multitude of messages that come across the Listserv daily. To keep the load manageable, please respond privately to requests for referrals and any other message that asks you to respond privately.

If the guidelines are not followed, you will be prohibited from using the AANLCP ListServ.  If the rules are not followed you will be removed from the ListServ/Google Group and depending on the violation may be removed from the association. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

Problems: If you have ANY problems related to the Listserv, please do not post them to the list. List managers are at your disposal for this very purpose; please feel free to contact us: info@AANLCP.org.