FEB 9, 2021

I. The meeting was called to order at 17:00 CST

II. The Secretary announced that the meeting was held pursuant to notice properly given to board members entitled to receive notice.

III. The Secretary announced that the following board members, constituting a quorum, were present at the meeting: Andrea Nebel, Erin O’Connell, Richard Bays. Absent: Penny Cates

IV. The following reports were presented:
      1. Treasurer Report – Emailed by Penny

V. Approval / Review of strategic planning meeting minutes
      1. After a motion to approve by Nebel; seconded and approved.

VI. Meeting minutes 2020
Will be on the website
Kelly contacted to provide previous meeting minutes

VII. Finances/Loan/Bookkeeper update
      1. Wells Fargo loan not available / PPP not available

VIII. Webinars – 6 month “packages” – reduced CEU fees.
      1. Discuss– next meeting

IX. Annual sponsorship/Corporate sponsorship
      1. Discuss developing packages for companies sponsoring AANLCP

X. Other items to be discussed in the next meeting:
      1. Membership fee
      2. Trademark renewal
      3. Calendar for EB as well as committees
      4. AANLCP email addresses
      5. Membership payment issues (double)
      6. Stacy’s contract

XI. There being no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjournment at 17:30 CST

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