Objective: Executive Board Meeting
Date: 9/8/2020
Time: 12:00 EST /11:00 CST / 10:00 MST / 9:00 PST
Call to order: 5:45 EST
Adjourned: 9:15 EST
Coordinator: Erin OConnell Facilitator: Erin OConnell
Timekeeper: Kelly Dawson Scribe: Kelly Dawson
Attendees: Kelly Dawson, Penny Cates, Erin OConnell, Evelyn Robert
Guests: Stacy Moffett


Call to order
Roll Call
Open issues:
A. 2020 SPM – in-person vs. Zoom
Discussion: SPM to take place via Zoom December 5, 6, and 7
Motion for approval: Erin
Seconded: Evelyn
Approved: Unanimous

B. Motion made by Erin to partner with TBI Med Legal
Discussion: Erin was talking to TBI med legal and partner with AANLCP; they want to put our logo on their
website, put us in their journal; links on their website to our find a nurse LCP, and link to our journal; their
webinars drew in over 600 nurses per day; we can supply and sponsor TBI med legal CEU’s. TBI Med Legal group has 180,000 members, and their webinars have an average of 600 nurses, 400 attorney firms,
unknown # of physicians in attendance.
➢ Have a file on AANLCP google drive where their speakers will upload their CV and all their info to get
➢ TBI Med Legal wants to bring in Nurse LCP’ers at the end of their webinars to sum up their Webinars;
in October, Erica wants to do a Webinar with Nurse, MD, and Voc LCPer and develop a LCP (3
separate LCP) – ?? conflict between groups
➢ TBI med legal wants to cross-market, offer CA RN CEU’s
➢ Long term, Erin plans to keep this project and could carry it over to the Education Committee.
➢ Med Legal will upload all of the speaker information (CV, picture, objectives) to AANLCP Google Drive
➢ Med Legal would like to place the link to our Find A NLP on their website
➢ They would like to place one of our AANLCP journal article in their quarterly newsletter (which is 30
➢ Monthly – Erin will evaluate Med Legal’s monthly to see if they meet CA CEU criteria
➢ Get AANLCP’s name out to over 120,000 nurses throughout the US; # of Attorney’s 400 firms; # of
MD’s ??; marketing for AANLCP
Next step:
➢ TBI med legal will share what we need to apply for CA RN CEU’s
Approval via email correspondence – Evelyn, Penny, and Kelly all agree with moving forward with this

C. Website updates: General and Conference Websites (tabled)

D. Webinars and Zoom meetings need to be moved to Vimeo by Lubna (tabled)

E. Social media updates per Lubna (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
➢ Lubna was approved to do this at the 7/11/20 meeting) ?? update on completion

F. Marketing to nursing education programs for membership recruitment and conference attendance.

G. Removing a member (tabled)

H. Update on 2020 CEU’s (tabled)

I. Debit Card (2- $500 cards)
➢ Penny used one to pay the yearly membership payment – Member at $470.00 – Colin uses this for website or Infusion. 2nd card will be used for misc. expenses (CA RN CEUs due in October 2020 –

J. 2021 Conference update
➢ Stacy is waiting on EB to make final decisions on AV, photography, food/beverage, Thursday
reception; AV and photography contracts reviewed (not yet signed)
➢ Erin updated Stacy as to whether AANLCP will be moving forward with an in-person conference
➢ Discussion re: Sponsorships: Large companies vs. small companies and their travel restrictions, FIG
sponsorship, and discounts
➢ Car Museum function will be canceled
➢ Virtual conference options – plan to look at and research options
➢ Stacy reviewed contract
• Can cancel Memphis room block up to 80% at least 30 days before conference; Beverage
minimum $30,000 + 13%+9% = 22%; Need to provide tax-exempt status to Hotel
➢ Virtual Conference Options need to be researched
➢ Erin will have Lubna send weekly updates to Stacy with registration numbers

K. 2022 Conference update
➢ EB needs to decide on site

L. Revenue ideas (tabled)

M. Legal updates and CAR
➢ Rob is looking into our options: send a check and if CAR cashes vs. official settlement; In lieu of that,
send Robert a skinny letter with settlement agreement; Agreed to a confidential amount; Penny
found out that the statute of limitations is >3years (Rob is not sure of what the specific statute of
limitations; however, it is longer than three years)

N. Motion made by Erin to have Lubna research Affiliate programs (tabled)

O. Featured PACE Provider – CCMC
➢ Plan to f/u with Pace

P. Upwork update – Erin (tabled)

Q. AANLCP Organizational Update – ?? move to SPM merging with other organization (e.g., IARP, ALNC, CCM, other) call this a “strategic partnership”– ongoing discussion; should be wrap up legal issues before moving forward?

A. Treasures’ Report – (Monthly – first meeting of the month)
Bank Account – Wells Fargo
Checking – $24,030.51 (August 31, 2020)
Savings – $44,123.50 (August 31, 2020) No new statement. Per Penney, this is likely because there was no
PayPal –$85.42 (09/08/20)
Total – $68,239.43 (August 31, 2020)
Is Evelyn on the bank account? Penny still needs to do her part. Penny has an appointment on Thursday
(09/10/20) at Wells Fargo to take care of this.
Penny said that the bookkeeper does not have QuickBooks completed to date

B. Membership Report – no report provided

C. Bookkeeper
➢ Emailed and sent UpWorks query for the update to Nicole. Taxes don’t have to be completed until
November 15, 2019; Still working on getting 2019 QuickBooks updated – she is a Bookkeeper
➢ Sandra Rob – the person who will be doing our taxes after QuickBooks is updated
➢ Penny to follow-up with Nicole re deadline for completion of 2019 and 2020 (end of September –
early October)
➢ Penny said that all of 2019 was not correctly categorized in QuickBooks
➢ Penny has sent 2 or 3 emails and has not heard back

D. AANLCP – loan application from SBA
➢ SBA application completed by Erin was denied
➢ Erin will follow-up

E. Trademark renewal (tabled)

F. Motion made by Erin OConnell regarding purchasing DocuSign (tabled)

G. Motion made by Erin OConnell to begin a search for a new journal editor (tabled)

H. Motion made by Erin to find a publisher (tabled)

I. Payment for Invoices/reimbursement
➢ Erin received a FedEx charge for $196 – Penny will need to look into this

J. Motion made by Erin to create an AANLCP listserv (tabled)

K. Motion made by Erin OConnell proposed that the person who brings in the highest price for the silent
auction will be awarded a Core book and Scope and Standards
➢ AANLCP may lose money in this venture
➢ The initial thought to give away conference admission – no longer under consideration
➢ Set minimum price for donated items; item much bring in a minimum of $250 to be entered into the
prize draw
➢ Prize – Core Book and Scope and Standards
➢ Have Wendie write a summary of the new Core for advertising so members can see the value of this
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Penny
Approved: Unanimous

L. Motion made by Erin Motion by Erin to get rid of monthly payments; proposed splitting payment into
two payment or pay in full (Tabled – approved by EB but needs further discussion of details)
➢ Will this help with cash flow per Penny; Evelyn proposed making 1⁄2 payment in Spring and 1⁄2 in Fall
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Penny
Approved: Unanimous

M. Elections: Candidates
➢ Andrea Nebel – President-Elect
➢ Richard Bays – Secretary
➢ Need – bio’s and headshot
Adjournment 9:00 pm (approved unanimously)

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