APPROVED 10/8/19

Objective: Monthly Executive Board Meeting
Date: 06/11/2019
Location: Virtual GTM

Meeting Type: ZOOM teleconference
Time: 5:45 EDT / 4:45 CDT / 3:45 MDT / 2:45 PDT
Call to order:
5:45 EDT
6:28 EDT
Attendees: Erin OConnell, LaToya Lowery, Kimberly Kushner, Kelly Dawson
Guests: Matt Larkin
Debra Lloyd
Kelly Dawson
Kelly Dawson
Kelly Dawson

Next EB Meeting: 9/10/19
(5:45 EDT / 4:45 CDT / 3:45 MDT / 2:45 PDT via Zoom Meeting
Next EB & Committee Chair Meeting: 10/8/19
(6:30 EDT / 5:30 CDT / 4:30 MDT / 3:30 PDT via Zoom Meeting

EB Meeting Minutes for June 11, 2019:

Motion for Approval: Erin OConnell
Seconded: Latoya Lowery
Treasurer’s Report: LaToya Lowery
a. Checking Account Balance: $86,023.92
b. Savings Account Balance: $44,400.10
c. Total: $130,424.02 

A. Membership: Erin OConnell & Debra LLoyd               2018           2019 (5/8/19)         2019 (6/11/19)
a. Renewals                                                                           200              211                           39
b. New Members                                                                  39                 33                             39
c. Student Member                                                                                                                     13 ?
d. Non-renewals                                                                   55                  50                            47
B. *Overhead refunds/reductions: Erin OConnell (tabled)
a. Grant Writing for Nursing Education (tabled)
i. Erin received the potential grants back and will send to the board so
that they can review
ii. Grant writing is an additional charge. The exact cost will be
determined based on the submission requirements and application
process for each grant
iii. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation –AANLCP will apply for a grant
through this foundation to assist with the 2020 conference – Debra
and Erin
C. *501(c)3 status: Erin OConnell (tabled)
a. Amazon Smile; Debra to check on this, as Erin has reviewed with Tax
professional, and the association is set up properly
D. *IRS: Erin OConnell (tabled)
a. Association owes back taxes/penalties from prior years
b. Debra authored and sent a letter to IRS requesting leniency – “request for
abatement” of all penalties and interest – Debra will follow up – Pending
response from IRS
E. *Conference 2019: Erin OConnell (tabled)
a. 2019 Conference – balance owed to Harrah’s $54,206.21
b. 2019 Conference total charges – $57,752.12 (includes $1,055.91 room comp
c. Commission received/owed – TBD
F. *Conference 2020: Erin OConnell (tabled)
a. Conference Prep – Need a close working relationship and organization
between Conference Chairs and Management; equipment (pointer, remote
changer, etc.)
b. Updated image on the website
c. Debra will start building branded speaker/exhibitor submission/forms, and
exhibitor/vendor application and rules/agreement
G. *Conference 2021: Erin OConnell (tabled)
a. Location set up a new contract
b. Update P&P all benefits go to AANLCP then are distributed
c. Erin working on contacting AALNC president, waiting for a response- No
response after two emails
H. *Medical Malpractice Verdicts Settlements & Experts Newsletter: (tabled)
a. Debra requested the association subscript to the newsletter so she can curate
the information for us in lead magnets and on social medial to attract
attorney attention and position us as a resource for attorneys.
b. Owner of the newsletter has verbally agreed to exhibit at 2020 Conference
c. $250 subscription for AANLCP– newsletter to be used for social media
d. $290 subscription for AANLCP members
e. Board in agreement moving forward with this subscription
I. Website – Erin OConnell
a. Website
i. Erin proposed having Lonestar and Colin Parker develop a new
ii. Lonestar would also help with the marketing plan
iii. Unanimous EB agreement
J. *Miscellaneous – Erin OConnell, LaToya Lowery, Debra Lloyd (tabled)
a. Bank account
i. Update re: Chase vs. Wells Fargo
b. Debra proposed presented a webinar in late June to promote a paid self‐
paced course to show members step by step how to use social media and any
other subscription content to position themselves as a valued expert and
resource for attorneys – To be discussed further
c. Debra suggested the association replace GoToMeeting with Zoom Business at
$60 monthly and includes added functionality
d. Debra will look into Moo cards as an alternative affiliate program to
K. Guest Speaker – Matt Larkin with Pharmacy Trust Professionals
a. In medical space and cost containment business for over 25 years
b. Background – Experia Healthcare, DME Rehab, Pharmacy Trust Professionals
(pharmacy discount company and medical supplies)
c. Offers medical benefits programs (discount plans – medical, dental,
pharmacy, etc.); not traditional health insurance
d. AANLCP looking for healthcare voluntary vs. nonvoluntary discount plan for
i. Members pay out of pocket with voluntary plans
ii. Nonvoluntary – AANLCP pays up front and fees are then taken out of
membership dues
iii. AANLCP will look at voluntary plans only at this time
iv. Plans also include discounts on other services (e.g., legal services)
e. Matt showed examples of benefit plan options
f. AANLCP has the option of receiving a commission on all sales
g. Packages – Foundation, Plus, and Deluxe

*Any items that do not get discussed will be followed up via email communications or tabled to
the next meeting.
Motion to adjourn approved unanimously.
Meeting adjourned: 6:28 pm

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