Objective: Executive Board Meeting
Date: 10/2/2020
Time: 4:00 EST /3:00 CST / 2:00 MST / 1:00 PST
Call to order: 4:00 EST
Adjourned: 6:57 EST
Coordinator: Erin OConnell Facilitator: Erin OConnell
Timekeeper: Kelly Dawson Scribe: Kelly Dawson
Attendees: Kelly Dawson, Penny Cates, Erin OConnell, Evelyn Robert

Next Regular EB Meeting: 10/13/20
(5:45 EST / 4: 45 CST / 3: 45 MST / 2: 45 PST via Zoom)

Call to order
Roll Call
Open issues:
A. Conflict of Interest Code of Conduct and Disclosure Agreement for AANLCP for Volunteer
Leaders document
➢ Changed Policy Document Title and finalized
➢ P&P will be signed by EB and
➢ Approval per email correspondence
B. Erin updated EB that Garry, Operation Underground Railroad, has accepted our offer to
exhibit at the 2021 conference
➢ Erin will send an email to Stacy re this
C. Revisited cost of the new CORE
➢ Proposed $225 but will be discussed at a future EB meeting
D. Website updates: General Websites
➢ The webinar page need to be updated for consistency
➢ Webinars will be updated to the website back to 2018
➢ Lubna is also making sure that our public site and member site are consistent
➢ Job Board will be located on the public website – Lubna will update this every two weeks
• Cost to post a job – $50
➢ New pages needed – EB members (past and current, Award winners, speakers
E. Website updates: Conference Websites
Tasks to be done
➢ Provide to Stacy so she can work with Rob and Anthony – (proposed ticket prices: Main
Conf. – $960 early bird; $1,060 reg price; Pre Conf. $175 one session; $225 full day
• Detail what is included in ticket prices – reception, breakfast, and lunch each day
(except Thursday, Gala dinner Saturday)
• Menu options for Gala dinner need to go out when someone registers for the
conference so attendees can make their choices
• Agenda, could we update what we have to date?
• Silent auction?
➢ Guest tickets – $95 pp; add cost for extra meals for guests or extra sponsors or exhibitors:
breakfast meal voucher = $25; lunch $35; Thursday reception =$35
➢ Lubna will be sending out Save the Date emails.
➢ Rob and Anthony to also add Sat night Gala dinner prices and meal choice options to the
➢ Update Exhibitor pages
• Additional badges $120 each” to be its own bullet point (e.g., any exhibitors over
two will pay an extra $120 to attend as an exhibitor)
• Change complimentary breakfast and lunch to include up to two exhibitors per
table; if exhibitors want more than the two included free breakfasts and lunches for
Friday and Saturday, the cost will be $25 for each breakfast and $35 for each lunch
F. Updates per Erin
➢ Webinars and Zoom meetings need to be moved to Vimeo by Lubna – completed
➢ Lubna is setting up monthly webinars – completed
➢ Social media updates per Lubna (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) – completed
G. Infusionsoft discussions moved to SPM
H. 2021 Conference update
➢ Award nominations will be sent out by Lubna soon
➢ conference attendance tracking sign-in sheets; Stacy to print sheets from Infusionsoft;
consider electronic signatures for future
➢ Evaluations for CEUs and overall conference are being done by Rob and Anthony
Photography contract signed
➢ Videography – new contract; prices reduced due to changes in SOW – this was unanimously
approved by EB during meeting
➢ Food and beverage menu updated – Kelly will send to Stacy
➢ Need to follow-up with Stacy regarding virtual conference options – plan to discuss at
10/13/20 regular EB meeting
➢ EB needs an update from the conference committee regarding the silent auction
➢ No discount ticket prices (except early bird discount) will be offered for 2020, but can be
readdressed on year by year basis
➢ Extra tickets for Thursday reception – $35; Extra tickets for Gala dinner – $95
I. 2022 Conference update
➢ Hotel conference signed by Erin. Erin will send the signed contract to Stacy
J. Legal updates and CAR
➢ Leave offer at confidential amount; leave disparagement clause; Penny will ask Rob if we
can get the affidavit that CAR says was signed by past EB member; if not, EB unanimously
agrees to send as is.
K. Discussion re Lubna researching affiliate programs – moved to SPM
L. Featured PACE Provider – CCMC
➢ Kelly will apply for a new account and link to Annie’s account
➢ AANLCP to become a feature PACE Provider – moved to SPM
M. AANLCP Organizational Update
➢ Merging with other organizations (e.g., IARP, ALNC, CCM, other) call this a “strategic
partnership” – Moved to SPM
➢ Discontinue monthly membership payments; proposed splitting payment into two payment
or pay in full – moved to SPM
➢ Restructure/Reorganize Educational and Conference Committees – moved to SPM
➢ Consider hiring another UpWorks person to back up Lubna (Erin had someone in
mind for this position)– moved to SPM
N. Motion by Erin to get rid of monthly membership payments; proposed splitting payment into
two payment or pay in full – Moved to SPM
O. Motion made by Evelyn re Marketing to nursing education programs for membership
recruitment and conference attendance. Moved to SPM
P. Removing a member – moved to SPM

A. Treasures’ Report (reported at Monthly first meeting of the month)
B. Membership Report – no report provided
C. Trademark renewal – moved to SPM
D. Motion made by Erin OConnell regarding purchasing DocuSign (tabled) 
Motion for approval:
E. Motion made by Erin OConnell to begin a search for a new journal editor – moved to SPM
F. Motion made by Erin to find a publisher – (7/14/20 tabled) – moved to SPM
G. Payment for Invoices/reimbursement
➢ CA RN CEU’s renewed
Adjournment 6:57 pm (approved unanimously)

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