January 21, 2021 NOTE CHANGE OF DAY/DATE ~ 1/20 was a special day!

ZOOMING! (please don’t dress up) Address at the end of the page.
Beverage of choice encouraged.
8pm eastern/7pm central/6pm mtn/5pm pacific
Attendees: Dawn Cook, Michele Cook, Wendie Howland,
Linda Husted, Jim Quinn, Jess Urie


May (deadline Jan 15): Business of NLCP : Specialty areas that nurse life care planners work in. We need several more contributions to fill this out. Please network c colleagues to get leads on authors for the topics that aren’t filled yet. If your name is here but you weren’t able to make the meeting and didn’t already shoot me an email, please update me asap on your progress!
special needs trusts, atty interested in helping — Holly Allman
Academy of Special Needs Planners handouts, permissions given — Linda Husted
Marketing, Colin Evelyn Robert
Contracts/agreements/retainers: Reprint of Pat Iyer’s article update
Ask an economist: interview, Holly Allman & husband (sorry I didn’t catch his name!) UPDATE
Care management as a use for LCP skills— Cheryl Halkowitz, in process
MSA/LMSAs Amy Bilton c NAMSAP, atty, Evelyn Robert will ask, UPDATE
Competition; rebuttals to your plan, rebutting the other plan; ethic: Pending: If you do tables to present rebuttals, can you please share one representative page (redacted) so we can show a variety of approaches? If not, please send me two or three representative paragraphs with language I can consolidate into an article. Will also reference the presentation from the 2017 Annual Conference.
Software: Victoria Powell has asked Kevin Barnes to address UPDATE
Security — data, business tools, online work, HIPAA, 2-factor identification, cloud storage, Jess Urie, pending, almost done
Retirement planning. ? Mila Carlson, Jess Urie; selling your business, pending
Federal vaccine program (Linda Husted has a possible author, can get by January 31)
Social media, Marketing, Zoom for pt evals, telemedicine: No takers
Relationship of nsg dx and nsg process; justifying your expertise to clients (?Kirsten Turkington, UPDATE) — could possibly also go in the issue on EW and testimony No update
Criminal— Forensics nursing, LCP for crime victim, Kirsten Turkington, UPDATE No update
medical cost projections (many venues and types of projections outlined)
Subcontracting vs. employee status; subcontracting, malpractice needs and coverage options; Holly Allman, UPDATE
Federal Vaccine program relocated to later issue

August (deadline April 15): NLCP across the ages. Please bring more leads on the missing topics and any others for next meeting!
Caregivers, family respite care
SNF— adults, children, adolescents: will put request for resources in Feb issue in hopes that people will share
Children c catastrophic inj, coming to home care, Marcia Blount, Jess says she will do a article based on her presentation at conf or webinar on kids home c catastrophic, etc.
Post-polio syndrome— Tricia West has MD colleague who has post polio himself; will do interview article, would like questions to ask him. Please email Tricia directly asap so she can proceed.
Guardianship issues — Andrea G will do
Future technology— autonomous cars? Not sure how this applies to the idea of NLCP across the aging continuum of care, but will entertain ideas
MSAs, variable per states, what to know: Dawn Cook says Shirley Daugherty is doing this

November- (deadline July 15): NOTE CHANGE OF TOPIC for this and subsequent issues: decided that COVID issue may be premature
Expert witnessing, testimony at trials and depositions
What was winning for the jury: Safety
How to prep your attorney for testimony
Shelene’s list of questions to have the atty ask LCP
Demonstrative evidence (have)
Costing research, resources, mechanics, tutorial: Jim Quinn will do a survey article on this, group shared some resources for him to use and explore


February (October 15 deadline) Criminal NLCP work
Child sexual abuse and the LCP
PTSD; multiple causes; Kirsten and Evelyn interested in this
Spousal abuse
May Pediatrics
child abuse
head injury
federal vaccine program work
residential settings, transitions

August Pain management update, alternatives
Alternatives to opioids? New tech? CBD? CBT?

November Wound healing
Pressure injury
Chronic/ arterial/venous/lymphedema
c cognitive issues
Nutritional supports

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Next meeting: February 17, 2021
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