2024 Session 17

Courtney Whatley


Unveiling Insights into Visual Impairment, Rehabilitation, and Life Care Planning

Gain profound insights into the anatomy, physiology, and diverse conditions that contribute to vision loss. This session delves into the evaluation processes for vision loss, covering both clinical and functional assessments. Discover the breadth of rehabilitation professionals and services available, including orientation and mobility, vision rehabilitation, low vision, and Computer Access Training Services (CATS). Uncover a myriad of tools and strategies utilized in vision rehabilitation, from traditional magnifiers to cutting-edge assistive technologies. Delve into the pivotal aspect of life care planning and costing, ensuring a personalized and holistic approach to support individuals grappling with vision loss.


  • Define vision loss, encompassing low vision and legal blindness. Identify the basic anatomy and physiology of the eye and visual pathway.
  • Recognize common eye conditions and injuries leading to vision loss.
  • Differentiate between providers and evaluations for vision loss. Demonstrate an understanding of blind rehabilitation services. Identify rehabilitation tools for individuals with visual impairment.
Courtney Whatley

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