Annual Membership Meeting
American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners Virtual Conference
 May 21, 2021

I. Call to Order: 10:00 CST
      a. Member attendance per Sign-In
      b. Approval of 2020 Membership Meeting Minutes of March 7, 2020. (Minutes approved and are published on the AANLCP website in the membership section)

II. Secretary’s Report
      a. 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes presented to the membership for review
      b. Secretaries report and minutes unanimously approved by the membership

III. Membership Report:
      a. 2016: New 64; Renewals 287; Lapsed 80; Total members 351
      b. 2017: New 35; Renewals 263; Lapsed 86; Total members 298 2018: New 39; Renewals 200; Lapsed 58; Total members 239
      c. 2019: New 22; Renewals 180; Lapsed 61; Total members 278
      d. 2020: 272 current members

IV. Treasurer’s Report: Penny Cates
      a. Income Detail:
            i. Contributions, Gifts, Grants: $431.63
            ii. Program Service Revenue
                  • Book Sales: $293.29
                  • Webinar: $528.42
                  • Sales of Product Income: $0
            iii. Membership Dues & Assessments: $71,050.53
            iv. Conference & Seminars Income
                  • Conference Registrations: $55,142.37
                  • Conference Sponsorship: $15,740.48
                  • Sales of Product Income: $0
                  • Silent Auction: $796
            v. Conference & Seminars Income
            vi. Conference Registrations: $55,142.37
            vii. Conference Sponsorship: $15,740.48
            viii. Sales of Product Income: $0
            ix. Silent Auction: $796
            x. Total Income as of December 31, 2020: $143,982.72

      b. Expense Detail:
      c. Salaries, Compensation, Benefits
            i. Membership Resources: $31,868.76
            ii. Dues and Subscriptions: $0
            iii. Software: $246.75
      d. Professional Fees, Contractors: $55,888.04
      e. Printing, Publication, Postage: $13,535.97
      f. Other Expenses: $19,238.46
            i. Marketing/Advertising
            ii. Bank Service Charges
            iii. Committee Expenses
            iv. Journal Production
      g. AANLCP Conference Expenses 2020: $94,027.36
      h. AANLCP Conference Expenses 2021: $11,700.00
      i. AANLCP Conference Expenses 2023: $2,000.00
      j. Core Curriculum: $13,350

V. Organization changes:
      a. Andrea Nebel assumed position of President
      b. Erin OConnell assumed position of Past President
      c. Richard Bays assumed position of Secretary

VI. CNLCP® Certification Board: presented by Barbra Bate
      a. CNLCP certification for 2020
      b. 287 total nurses w/CNLCP certification
      c. 17 candidates – 11 passed / 39 renews / 38 expired w/o renew
      d. ABSNC application sent for review – too few to cert but portfolio pathway method is available – survey will be sent to CNLCP nurses

VII. Committee Reports
      a. Journal Committee: presented by Wendie Howland
            i. Looking to expand committee participation
            ii. Introduction of committee members
            iii. Need articles written by members or others
            iv. Meeting monthly & need peer reviewers
            v. Article of the year – Exoskeleton Technology Winter 2020 Edition / Hidden in Plain Sight Fall 2020 Edition
      b. Mentorship Program: presented by Erin OConnell
            i. Mentorship Program has 14 members currently / 6 waiting to join
      c. Core – Wendie Howland, Editor
            i. 2nd Edition to be published this Fall
            ii. New chapters to be included
      d. Education Committee: presented by Becky Czarnik
            i. Webinar 2nd Wednesday – monthly
            ii. Looking for new committee members – recruit speakers / find evidence based articles for the crash cart

VIII. Policy & Procedure updates
      a. Looking for nominations to the Executive Board
      b. No Policy & Procedure changes

IX. Awards
      a. The Ambassador Award
            i. Erin O’Connell
      b. Outstanding/Distinguished Service Award
            i. Jenn Craigmyle
      c. Special Recognition – Longstanding commitment and dedication to AANLCP
            i. Liz Holakiewicz

X. Adjourned 11:00 CST

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