Annual Membership Meeting
American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners
Harrah’s Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
March 23, 2019 at 11:53 a.m. (MDT)
Scribe: Kelly Dawson

I. Call to Order: Erin OConnell
    a. Member attendance per Sign-In
    b. Approval of 2018 Membership Meeting Minutes of March 17, 2018.
    (Provided for review. Minutes approved and will be published on the AANLCP website in the membership section)
II. Secretary’s Report
    a. 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes presented to the membership for review
    b. Secretaries report and minutes unanimously approved by the membership
III. Membership Report:
    a. 2016: New 64; Renewals 287; Lapsed 80; Total members 351
    b. 2017: New 35; Renewals 263; Lapsed 86; Total members 298
2018: New 39; Renewals 200; Lapsed 58; Total members 239
    c. 2019: New 22; Renewals 180; Lapsed 61; Total members 202
    d. Plan to increase membership
      i. Exhibit at AALNC, ARN, CMS, IARP
      ii. Engage new members
      iii. Work with CNLCP
      iv. Opened up membership to revolving membership; changed from open membership period (previously in February)
      v. Quarterly membership drives
IV. Treasurer’s Report: LaToya Lowery
    a. Checking account Balance 2/28/19: $94,479.84
    b. Savings account balance 2/28/19 $44,394.55
    c. Account balance 2/28/19 $138,874.39
    d. Total Gross Income 12/31/18: $177,333.12
    e. Total Expenses 2018: -$168,155.77
    f. Interest Earned 2018: $18.31
    g. This was presented to members on 3/23/19 via power point
    h. Refer to addendum attachment of Treasurer Report
*3-23-19 Annual Treasurer’s Report
    i. Treasure’s report unanimously approved by the membership
V. Organization changes:
    a. New management company – WP Webworks – Debra Lloyd
    b. AANLCP registered in Utah, obtained virtual mail in Utah with Utah mailing address; eliminated Utah Registered Agent
    c. Savings for recurring monthly/annual charges:
      i. Mozy back up system $18.95/month (annual savings $227.40)
      ii. Adobe acrobat subscription $16.05/month (annual savings $192.60)
      iii. BizzUB $195/month (annual savings $2,400.00)
      iv. YM (website platform) $3,495.00/year; previously $6,819.75/year; annual savings $3,324.75)
      v. Intuit $41.96/month; previously $64.20/month (annual savings $266.88)
      vi. Big stock photo $79/month (subscription cancelled; annual savings $948.00)
      vii. Total annual savings (i – vi) $7,359.63
    d. Credit card transaction charges:
      i. Previous – 5.7% (approx. 2018 $10,300.00)
      ii. Now – 3.5% (approx. 2018 charges with 3.5% would have been $6,160.81/year)
      iii. This would be an approximate savings of approx. $4,119.19
VI. Certification Board: presented by Barbara Bate, Co-chair
    a. Total current CNLCP: 303
      i. 2018 – 16 applications, 11 took the test, 1 failed, 10 passed, 26 did not recertification applications, 26 did recertify
      ii. 2019 (to date) – 7 recertification applications, 6 applications to take the exam,1 took the test, 1 passed
      iii. Certifications expiring in next 90 days – 21
    b. 2019 Goals
      i. Submit application to American Board of Specialty Nursing Certifications (AKA – ABNS Accreditation)
      ii. Plan to submit within 3 months
      iii. Roles delineation survey – summer 2019 (complete every 5 years)
      iv. Change nonprofit status to 501C3
    c. Looking for volunteers – requires CNLCP for 2 years
    d. Certification Board report unanimously approved by the membership
VII. Committee Report
    a. Journal Committee: presented by Wendie Howland
      i. 1st issue published February 2019 – President’s Issue
      ii. Journal topics next 2 years
          1. Nest issue – will address qualificators, licensure, certifications, and certificates
        2. Pain management
        3. Technology update
        4. Orthotics/Prosthetics
        5. Medical equipment
      iii. Quarterly publication: February, May, August, November
      iv. Journal Committee report unanimously approved by the membership
    b. Education Committee: presented by Becky Czarnik
      i. Webinar Wednesday – monthly
      ii. Welcome new ideas for Webinar topics
      iii. Looking for new committee members
      iv. Education Committee report unanimously approved by the membership
    c. Outreach Committee: presented by Phelicia McCallum
      i. Goals – reach out to new members, 1st time attendees, and how to maintain interest in the organization
      ii. Look for an upcoming survey
      iii. Looking for new committee members
      iv. Outreach Committee report unanimously approved by the membership
VIII. Awards
    a. Outstanding Service Award:
      i. Ann Sambucini
    b. The Ambassador Award
      i. Shelene Giles
    c. Coming in 2020 Scholarship Award
      i. Award – $500 towards AANLCP annual conference
    d. Special Recognition – Longstanding commitment and dedication to AANLCP
      i. Denise Wren
IX. 2020 Conference: 3/22/19-3/25/19
San Diego, CA
X. Adjourned at 1:00 p.m. (MDT)
*3-23-19 Annual Treasurer’s Report

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