Conference Committee Minutes

Date: 11/01/21

In Attendance: Jessica Urie RN, BSN, CLCP; Cynthia Bourbeau; Andrea Goicoechea; Cheryl Halkowicz; Joan Schofield;
Staff: Sarah Botruff and Andrea Starmer

Absent: Leticia Villareal Barraza; Kim Piacquadio; Shaun Serve; Lubna Tabbassum; Collin; Andrea Nebel; Erin Oconnell MSN-RN, MBA, CNL, CNLCP®, MSCC, CCM®; Richard Bays; Penny Cates; Stacey White

I. Conference Updates Jessica Urie
a. Review Agenda updates
b. Follow up on speaker recruitment
i. Once you have an agreement from a speaker, please loop Sarah B in with email to reach out for contracting.
c. Conference Timeline Overview
i. Food and beverage minimum is contracted at $20,000
ii. (February 17) – Early bird registration deadline -$150 off historically
iii. Cost of Registration: Board will Decide once we get final A/V cost from hotel
I. Bios and Headshots request for committee members Submit to the link below:
Due 11/22/22:

II. Next meeting schedule– UPDATE Sarah Botruff
a. Next Meeting: November 22nd 5:30pm EDT

Action ItemsOwner(s)DeadlineStatus
Reach out to Dr. Curtis- Joint replacement contactJoan Schofield11/22/2022 
Reach out to Dawn Cook- UCR contactJessica Urie11/22/2022 
Reach out to your transplant contactJessica Urie11/22/2022 
Reach out to the legal panel contactJessica Urie11/22/2022 
Reach out to Roberto – clarify his expertise’s in the area or if he is a vendor?Cheryl Halkowicz11/22/2022 
Reach out to TBI contact from the Orlando chapter conferenceAndrea Goicoechea11/22/2022 
Brainstorm for a Keynote SpeakerALL -Jessica will reach out to her contact11/22/2022 
Reach out to current speakers on the agendaSarah Botruff11/22/2022 
Allow Access to edit google documentsSarah Botruff11/22/2022 
Reach out to Sidney Bordeau for CEU processSarah Botruff11/22/2022 

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