Objective: Executive Board Meeting
Date: 5/1/2020
Location: Virtual GTM
Time: 3:00 EST / 2:00 CST / 1:00 MST / 12:00 PST
Call to order: 3:08 EST
Adjourned: 6:50 EST
Coordinator: Erin OConnell Facilitator: Erin OConnell
Timekeeper: Kelly Dawson Scribe: Kelly Dawson
Attendees: Kelly Dawson, Penny Cates, Erin OConnell, Evelyn Robert
Guests: Anthony and Rob

Call to order
Roll Call
Open Issues:

A. AANLCP Liability Insurance
➢ Quote $5,963 approx
➢ Status update – being reviewed for signature and provisions of coverage

B. Finalized Stacey’s contract for 2021

C. LoneStar to update Websites (AANLCP and Conference)
➢ Website pages to include:
• Website pages for EB and Award Winners
• Website updates at a minimum – monthly
• Sponsors/Exhibitors links
• Past speakers
• Member benefits
• Journals
• Webinars
➢ Social Media – LinkedIn, Facebook, etc
➢ Cost – $75 per hour for website updates
➢ Plan – per legal counsel – will move forward when we have a definitive plan with CAR
with CAR
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Penny
Approved: unanimous

D. Infusionsoft discussion regarding hiring some to manage campaigns (UpWork)
➢ Erin received 8 different responses from UpWork $8.00 – $100 per hour
➢ Plan to give 1 or 2 campaigns and see how they work. Maybe start with the Conference
website – then have Infusionsoft send save the date; remove all duplicates out of infusion. Need to send Conference CEU’s 2020 and 2019; need members to confirm
➢ This person will also do nominations

E. 2019 and 2020 Conference CEUs need to be completed and made available to the
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Penny
Approved: Unanimous

F. Update membership handbook and provide to membership
➢ Erin proposed hiring Alexis OConnell to update the Handbook

G. Outreach Committee – AANLCP new members
➢ pins for all new members
➢ Goal – the membership/outreach committee may eventually manage this (send a pin to
all new members, contact info for the committee, welcome letter from a person,
orientation to AANLCP checklist) – Since this committee is not up and running yet;
➢ Plan – EB to plan a meeting with the Outreach Committee chair and discuss plan for
moving forward; committee chair should attend next committee chair meeting or set up
a separate meeting
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Penny
Approved: Unanimous

H. Student Track Policy & Procedure
➢ Discussion: 1st year membership rate – $99 basic $199 premier, and 50% discount to the
first conference they attend within one year of signing on with the student tract
program; to qualify for this program, the student has up to 6 months after graduation to
sign up for this discount.
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Erin
Approved: Unanimous

I. Market to nursing students (T abled)
➢ The student may be able to attend the annual conference and maybe volunteer
➢ Consider non-LCPer membership and conference rate for nursing college students
New Business
A. May Treasures’ Report – no report provided to date
Checking – $
Savings – $
Paypal – $
Total – $
B. Motion made by Erin OConnell regarding The Center’s – response to our breach letter
➢ Discussion: Counteroffer. If they say no, then we file an ethics charge
➢ Plan – send final offer for in 12 monthly payment
➢ Our plan will be to still file an ethics complaint regardless of how the Center responds to
this offer
➢ Ongoing discussion of management company
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Penny
Approved: Unanimous
C. Motion made by Penny Cates regarding payment of Final bill for 2020 Conference
➢ Discussion: Amount owned = approx – $60,000
➢ Confirm – 5% discount for food; photocopier amount has to come off; charges for
speakers for AV equipment for lunch and learn due to poor quality; free rooms; $75
meal room charge for board room; breakfast and lunch was included for center staff.
Only meals that should have been charged were dinners and pre-conference days.
➢ David to follow-up on changes that the Center should pay.
Motion for approval: Motion by Evelyn to not pay hotel bill until the final bill is
Seconded: Penny
Approved: Unanimous
D. Motion made by Erin OConnell Organizing the AANLCP Google Drive
➢ Discussion: Erin OConnell proposed that her niece could do this
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Penny
Approved: Unanimous
E. Motion by Evelyn to keep mentorship/collaboration
➢ Rename program
➢ Available to only premier members
➢ Add listserv and roundtable type groups (business issues, cash flow, marketing, case
review) for all members
Motion for approval: Penny
Seconded: Erin
Approved: Unanimous
F. Motion made by Evelyn Roberts – 2022 Conference site options New Orleans vs.
Charleston, Savannah
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Penny
Approved: Unanimous
G. Payment for Invoices/Reimbursement
➢ Attorney fees – $941.25 for March paid
➢ Tabled invoices from the Center until additional receipts are provided
➢ Fast Signs – need proof that Kim approved
➢ The monthly fee for Center – paid
H. Motion made by Evelyn to approve reimbursement to the Center with proof of written
documentation and itemized receipts.
➢ Reimbursement will not be done unless they provide proof of written documentation
and itemized receipts.
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Penny
Approved: Unanimous
I. Adjournment 6:50 pm – approved unanimously

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