AANLCP Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning
Editorial Committee Agenda
May 19, 2021

Via ZOOM! (please don’t dress up)
Beverage of choice encouraged.
8pm eastern/7pm central/6pm mtn/5pm pacific
Attendees: Dawn Cook, Andrea Goichochea, Wendie Howland, Linda Husted, Tricia West, Jess Urie

New Business:
 * Conference / Whova
 * Please look over the last few years in this and the archives and develop topics for  2023 (no, it’s not too soon!)
 * New ANA Scope and Standards 4th ed is out and includes new material on advocacy. Please look into this; also be sure to use the 2021-2023 NANDA-I edition, now available

Planning ahead:
August, NLCP across ages
HAVE: and reviews are out to authors for revision
 One set of references for pain mgmt in elders— bullet lists, references
Adolescents who become violent or predatory post head inj, under-recognized syndrome;
Children c trachs, Marcia Blount
Post-polio syndrome: Not usable in present form, will send out to all for feedback on how it could be adapted/supplemented
Guardianship issues
SNF— adults, children, adolescents
NEED right now:
MSAs, variable per states, what to know: Dawn Cook said Shirley Daugherty is doing this & will be dne this weekend.

November- (deadline July 15): Expert witnessing, testimony at trials and depositions
Demonstrative evidence
How to prep your attorney for your testimony: Shelene’s list of questions to have the atty ask LCP
AWAITING updates:
What was winning for the jury: Safety as a LCP focus for their attention: Holly Allman RT/ask several attys for their suggestions/opinions
How to vet experts/Linda asking experts.com <http://experts.com/>, TEI; not too responsive, will try
Zoom trials: Dawn: speaker in NoCal, Wicke, has a new business on remote jury trials, planning on working on that
Costing research, resources, mechanics, tutorial, vendors: Jim Quinn doing a survey article on this, group shared some resources for him to use and explore : UPDATE PLEASE
SEAK survey is out on LCP costs— Dawn will ask about reprint permission or paraphrasing
Federal vaccine program?
Shirley Daugherty Medicare Set-Asides, coming
Economist, Robert Johnson, Dawn knows, re gender and race not being considerations in damages, etc. Will ask for something.

February   (October 15 deadline) Criminal NLCP work; focus on NLCP for special cases/ victims damages in litigation
Child sexual abuse and the LCP: Wendie will find somebody in their org
PTSD; multiple causes; Evelyn interested in this
Spousal abuse?
Forensics: Kirsten will talk about the spectrum of LCP needs for this
Prisoner cases— Tricia had to document substandard care, assessment, LCP perspective on several cases like this; care available in prisons—LTC equivalents? LCP for this population

child abuse
head injury
federal vaccine program work
residential settings, transitions
Kimberly Reen and peds PM&R, to be determined

Pain management update, alternatives

Alternatives to opioids? New tech? CBD? CBT?
Wound healing

Pressure injury
Chronic/ arterial/venous/lymphedema
c cognitive issues
Nutritional supports

Future issue topics? Neuromonitoring during spinal cord surgery, costs, billing
Neuropsych testing; indications, vetting levels of certifications for experts, meaning of results, applicability to NLCP
Renal — failure, transplantation, dialysis, nephrology, pedi transplants (Lora White?)

Schedule / Deadlines NOTE dates for reviews in please!
Formatted due to Edit.
Out to reviewers
Due back from reviewers
Spring, May 1
Jan 15
Jan 22
Jan 30
Summer, Aug 1
April 15
April 22
April 28
Fall, Nov 1
July 15
July 22
July 30
Winter,   Feb.1
Oct 15
Oct 22
Oct 30

Next meeting: June 16, 2021
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