Executive Board Meeting Minutes
September 17, 2021


I. Call to order: 10:00AM CST
A. Present: Erin OConnell, Andrea Nebel, Penny Cates, Richard Bays, Stacey

II. Approval of the Agenda – Unanimous approval
III. Approval of the Minutes – Unanimous approval
IV. Reports

Treasurer Report

Income from conference:
Income from renewals: $827.38
Income from new memberships: $1,552.20
Income from other sources (include source)
Assoc. Premier Membership $79.20
Basic Membership $225.00
Student Premier Membership $18.75
Interest Income $0.96
Total income: $3,111.49
Expenses paid: $1,729.98
Recurrent monthly expenses: $1,050.00
Extra monthly expenses: $120.09
Expenses related to conference:
Total expenditures: $2,900.07

Membership Report (August)

Recurrent monthly renewals:
Premier monthly renewals: 14
Associate premier monthly renewals: 4
Basic monthly renewals: 4
Associate monthly renewals:
Premier upgrade:
Associate premier upgrade:
Renewal Premier:
Renewal Associate Premier:
Renewal Basic:
Renewal Associate:
Renewal of corporate memberships:
New Memberships
New Premier:
New Premier monthly: 3
New Associate Premier: 1
New Associate Premier monthly:
New Basic: 1 (1 not willing to continue)
New Basic Monthly:
New Associate:
New Associate Monthly:
New Basic Student:
New Premier Student: 1 (1 not willing to continue)
New corporate memberships:

2021 Paid Conference Sponsorship Report

Diamond sponsors:
Gold sponsors:
Conference exhibitor sponsors:
Pre Conference sponsors:

2021-2022 Annual Sponsorship Report

Diamond sponsors:
Gold sponsors:
Conference exhibitor sponsors:
Pre Conference sponsors:

Ongoing Agenda Items

V. Lubna – Offer letter will be sent
VI. Member database for survey – Will post on website
VII. Hiring addl. virtual assistant – Working on Job Description
VIII. Fall virtual conference 11/4/21 – Maria Dalisay, Michelle Clarence – Jim offered at annual
conference – topics?
IX. Joint meeting with certification board – pushed to November
X. Website – Will discuss next meeting

New Business

XI. Jess – Conference 2022 – virtual?
XII. Listserv – Possible Google Group
XIII. FIG – IALCP – Scholarship
XIV. NSO – endorsement of ANA
XV. Schedule strategic planning meeting – Nov 19-20
XVI. Membership fee
XVII. Calendar for EB as well as committees
XVIII. AANLCP email addresses
XIX. Adjournment @ 11:15AM CST

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