AANLCP Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning
Editorial Committee Agenda
June 16, 2021

Via ZOOM! (please don’t dress up) 
Beverage of choice encouraged.
8pm eastern/7pm central/6pm mtn/5pm pacific
Attendees: Holly Allman, Dawn Cook, Andrea Goicoechoa, Wendie Howland, Gerrie Springston, Ethel Wills

New Business:
Old Business:  Many thanks for the round robin of emails brainstorming future topics. See below for changes to the future issues and let’s start finding authors, especially including nurse LCPrs collaborating with other clinicians

Planning ahead:
August, NLCP across ages
In production

November- (deadline July 15): Topics in Expert witnessing, testimony, methods and resources
Demonstrative evidence
How to prep your attorney for your testimony: Shelene’s list of questions to have the atty ask LCP
SEAK survey is out on LCP costs—
AWAITING updates:
Zoom trials: Dawn: speaker in NoCal, Wicke, has a new business on remote jury trials, still planning on working on that
Costing research, resources, mechanics, tutorial, vendors: Jim Quinn doing a survey article on this, group shared some resources for him to use and explore : today’s UPDATE PLEASE
Shirley Daugherty Medicare Set-Asides, coming
Holly Allman will coordinate c Dawn Cook and Tricia West on dividing up the many facets of LE including but not limited to the NVSC tables, including considering other databases for clinical decisions (e.g., NSCISC, US Renal Data Set, Shavelle et al., Transplant data sets, rated ages, actuarial algorithms to make two complementary articles. Dawn and Tricia West will be working c an economist on the gender issues re life expectancy; Economist, Robert Johnson Dawn knows, re gender and race not being considerations in damages, etc. Recognize that decisions on which database(s) to use rests c the atty, but we can be aware and inform beforehand.

February   (October 15 deadline) Criminal NLCP work; focus on NLCP for special cases/ victims damages in litigation
PTSD; multiple causes; Evelyn interested in this— update?
Spousal abuse?
Trafficking?  Refer to Winter 2018 JLNC p28 Mason article; but since this does not include LCP information, would suggest using it for background and building LCP on that. Suggest contacting Sherri Mason  at SherriRN66@gmail.com <mailto:SherriRN66@gmail.com> for possible collaboration. Volunteer please?
Forensics: Kirsten will talk about the spectrum of LCP needs for this
Prisoner cases— Tricia had to document substandard care, assessment, LCP perspective on several cases like this; care available in prisons—LTC equivalents? LCP for this population
April has a few criminal case studies that would be instructive
Pediatrics  Due to lack of interest and focus, will hold and reschedule for another time

  • Child abuse
  • Burns
  • Head injury
  • SCI
  • Federal vaccine program work
  • Residential settings, transitions
  • Kimberly Reen and peds PM&R, to be determined

May  NOTE CHANGE!!     Spine and joint procedures
Alternatives to opioids? New tech? CBD? CBT
Joints: I wish we had articles about joints. I often do cost projections for shoulder, hip and knee surgery including injections, exploratory surgery, PT, joint replacements and revisions, for many LCP.  Occasionally finger joint and ankle joint (including fusion).I could see articles on specific joints, injections, smaller surgeries, replacement surgeries, revision surgeries. And all the care needed before and afterward.
Spinal: I don’t think I can see an article about spinal surgery, and yet I do this on 50% of my cases, I am sure others are the same! It would be great to have a discussion about cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral surgery including decompression, disc replacements and fusions, and all the pre and post care. Also, when is revision surgery needed? So an issue of spinal and limb joints would be a great topic!”?
A number of suggestions for spinal and joint injections, including PRP could go in this issue
Neuromonitoring here? “Neuromonitoring: for the brain and spine surgery. I am confused on what to include, the codes and if the costs are double if the neurologist is not in the actual room. It would be great to learn more!”
August “Transplantation” NOTE CHANGE!! We have not done any transplantation since 2015.There are lots of new medications for both and new  developments like using organs with less of a typing match, and maybe some covid lung replacements. “

  • LTC
  • Pressure injury
  • Chronic/ arterial/venous/lymphedema
  • Cognitive issues
  • Nutritional supports

November  “Burns”  not done since 2015, updates in the works? NOTE CHANGE!!

  • Home care
  • Clinic followup
  • Rehab

Future issue topics?
Neuropsych testing; indications, vetting levels of certifications for experts, meaning of results, applicability to NLCP
Renal — failure, transplantation, dialysis, nephrology, pedi transplants (Lora White?)

Schedule / Deadlines NOTE dates for reviews in please!
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Next meeting: July 21, 2021
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