Executive Board Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2023

  1. Call to order: 14:45 PST
  2. Members Present: Andrea Nebel, Erin OConnell, James Quinn, Shelly Kinney
  3. Approval of the Agenda: Unanimous approval
  4. Approval of the Minutes: Andrea made a motion to approve the January and February 2023 minutes and it was seconded by James
  5. Reports

Treasurer’s Report

February 1st, 2023 Opening Checking Balance:   $44,365.03 
February 1st, 2023 Opening Savings Balance:  $114,898.67 


Conference Regular Member: $7,061.00 
Conference Regular Non-Member: $7,061.00 
Conference First Day Only: $280.00  
Conference Early Bird: -$998.00 
Income from renewals: $23,874.63   
Income from New Memberships: $950.00

Income from other sources 
Basic Membership: $675.00
Premier Membership: $1,464.60   
Student Premier Membership: $199.00 
Webinars Members: $239.00   
Interest: $91.10

Total income for February:  $36,076.33  


Contracted Labor $1460.00
Software: $327.45     
Office Expenses Supplies: $22.34       
Printing & Reproduction: $266.73   
Insurance: $49.00
Continuing Education: $1,150.00
Extra monthly expenses (Merchant Fees): $1122.92 
Conference Misc Expenses: $985.00
Conference Supplies: $176.35
Conference Marketing: $700.00

Total expenditures: $6,259.79  

February 27, 2023 Closing Checking Balance Actual: $99,711.63 
February 27, 2023 Closing Checking Balance based on calculations: (banking postings in transit.)  $74,181.57 
February 27, 2023 Closing Savings Balance Actual: $114,986.84  
Total liquid assets as of February 27, 2023 (Actual, not calculated): 



Discussion regarding conference financials is tabled until the committee member meeting in April.
Erin presented a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report. Shelly second

Membership Report

Refer to membership meeting

Ongoing Agenda Items

  1. Membership Meeting
  • Results – Proposal accepted to allow non nurse life care planners voting rights/active membership
  • Next steps to be discussed. By-law review and update
  • Logo: Anthony will develop one logo for $500. Chris is happy to discuss the logo and various versions and formats of the logo with the board
  1. Administrative Support


  • Same time zone
  • English fluency

Use of Thumbtack, Indeed, Upworks, Listserv for postings discussed. Misty suggested freelance paralegals as a possible resource.
Colin’s support – Outlined compensation and a gift for his help with the conference and during Lubna’s absence.

  1. Executive Board Positions
  • Packet for newly elected board members
  • Conflict of interest form – in folder for Jess, Shelly, Misty. The form is available on the website
  • Job descriptions for board members
  • Action item/Deadline: Misty will develop job descriptions. Review at April meeting
  • Outcome: 
  1. Outreach Committee
  • Jenn Craigmyle – will chair this committee
  1. SPM 2022 
  • Meeting minutes – final version is complete
  1. Conference
  • Location/Date 2024: Atlanta, GA by unanimous vote of board members
  • Refer to the Joint meeting for additional conference information.
  • Krista Murphy discussed areas of the city. Buckhead and by the airport seemed to be the best options. Will re-address at the next meeting with committee chairs. She will send an updated list of hotel proposals by 3/20/23.
  1. Newsletter
  • Beginning with the next newsletter, vendors who have exhibited at the conference for the past 5 years will be sent a copy via email.
  • Action item/Deadline: 
  • Outcome: 
  1. Stephen Axtell
  • Limiting of articles per year for members
  • Pricing of ads (yearly)
  1. Lubna contract
  • Update hourly pay and send to Lubna for signature – follow up  
  • Research additional options for administrative support
  • Action item/Deadline: Andrea will follow up after the conference
  • Outcome: Pending
  1. Fall conference 
  • Need to upload all authorized videos for purchase – followed up with Colin
  • Members $25/session
  • Non-member $45/session
  • Action item/Deadline: 
  • Outcome: 
  1. Rebranding/Website
  • Logo – Anthony – $500
  • Hello Monochrome
  • Complete review of response to questions regarding the Code of Conduct

New Business  

  1. Utah registered agent update is twice per year. This needs to be calendared and included in the Treasurer’s job description
  2. Standards of Practice Booklet – Refer to website page
  3. AANLCP/IALCP – Meeting in April
  4. Directory for non nurse life care planners
  5. Political Action Committee
  6. Member Needs Assessment
  7. Consider live stream of membership meeting at the next conference.

The meeting adjourned at 1752
The next meeting is scheduled for April 9, 2023 at 1445 Pacific Time
The new president, Misty Coffman, will preside.

Respectfully submitted by 
Shelly Kinney