Objective: Executive Board Meeting
Date: 7/14/2020
Location: Virtual GTM
Call to order: 5:45 EST
Adjourned: 8:15 EST
Coordinator: Erin OConnell Facilitator: Erin OConnell
Timekeeper: Kelly Dawson Scribe: Kelly Dawson
Attendees: Kelly Dawson, Penny Cates, Erin OConnell, Evelyn Robert
Guests: Erin’s guest ?? names/company

Call to order
Roll Call
Open issues:

A. Legal updates and payments made to-date – ongoing discussion

B. Website updates: General and Conference Websites
➢ AANLCP domain is through GoDaddy
➢ Frequency of updates – and how soon an update will be done once it is requested – 24
➢ Lubna is doing all updates – Erin will follow-up.
➢ Tasks needing to be done and goal for completion
• Automate membership upgrades (basic to premiere or visa versa should be
something that the member can complete w/o having to call tech support)
• Updates to add more detail regarding discounts, membership benefits vs.
purchasing benefits (ODG, PMIC) as an individual – identify the cost for each
membership and consider posting for membership viewing.
• Early bird discount, consider having only one discount with a hard deadline and
consider the refund policy. Attendees cannot transfer your conference benefit to
someone else. Final cancelation minus the administration fee once we have to give
the room count. 180 days refund; 120 days 50%; 90 days 25% refund and none
thereafter. Web-based attendance – consider increasing the ticket price accordingly.
More brainstorming is needed to assess our current budget and plan for the next
• EB nominations – needs to be addressed and completed
• Website pages for EB and Award Winners
➢ Consider If a member brings in sponsor and vendors – offer free conference ($3500,
$2500; $1500, $750) based on sponsorship level; 10% off per level of sponsorship;
Member fills out a form, sponsor/vendor needs to say who they were referred by;
sponsorship has to be paid – Full maximum benefit is full conference only does not
include pre-con

B. Webinars and Zoom meetings need to be moved to Vimeo (no update from Colin to date)

C. Setting up Webinars
➢ request sent to Colin for video on how to do this)

D. Social media updates (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
➢ Lubna was approved to do this at – Erin to follow-up

E. Infusionsoft – update on what has been done and what is still pending
➢ Cost for this software?
➢ What is our budget for allowance for a subcontractor to manage?
➢ Set up campaigns – What campaigns are done? What is pending?
➢ Nominations
➢ Take out duplicates
➢ Track conference details of attendees
➢ Evaluations for CEU’s and Conference (overall conference) – conference eval for 2020

F. Policy and Procedures needed
➢ Student Track – policy and procedure
Discussion: 1st year membership rate – $99 basic $199 premier, and 50% discount to the
first conference they attend within 1 yrs of signing on with the student tract program; to
qualify for this program, the student has up to 6 months after graduation to sign up for
this discount.
Qualifications for program of up to 6 months post-graduation from their program; need
to sign up for student track program
➢ P&P that addresses no payments will be made by AANLCP for purchases unless written
permission has been obtained.
➢ Itemized invoices – subcontractors

G. Removing a member – tabled
➢ AANLCP Bylaws
Section 5. Termination of Membership. AANLCP® members may have their membership
terminated by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Board for failure to meet membership
requirements, for failure to adhere to the AANLCP® Bylaws, or for cause.
Cause shall be defined as any action which is determined by the Executive Board to be
detrimental to the best interests of the AANLCP®

H. Update on 2019 CEU’s
➢ 2019 – RN and CNLCP – approved
➢ 2019 Regarding CCM, CLCP, and MSCC, or any other you need, you can have these
reviewed by the certifying body as an individual; only approved for RN and CNLCP
➢ Erin will have Lubna set up a folder with all necessary info needed to apply for CEU’s if
the member wants them
➢ Do we have all the necessary documents for past webinar’s

I. Debit card for Education committee –
➢ Discussion: 6/9/20 – Penny purchased two $500 cards – Registered one card in Penny
Cates’ name; 2nd card to Becky C. – will be used to pay bills
➢ The education committee is responsible for all educational CEU’s.
➢ Conference CEU’s can not be applied for until Conf Committee provides all info for
speakers (agenda)
➢ Has this information been given to Becky C?

J. 2021 Conference update
➢ General update on progress from committee and Stacy
➢ Conference Logo – The proposed logo needs to be submitted to Hotel for approval
➢ AV
➢ Food and beverage menu
➢ Remote access – task Stacy with this (Can cancel Memphis room block up to 80% at
least 30 days before conference; Beverage minimum $30,000 + 13%+9% = 22%; Need to
provide tax-exempt status to Hotel)
➢ Virtual Conference Options

K. 2022 Conference update
➢ Discussion – Venue choices – Meet next week to discuss and choose.

L. Revenue ideas
➢ Conference onsite vs. remote vs. both
➢ A-la-carte benefits
➢ Journal paid subscription (per article, per issues, annual subscription)
➢ New webinars – starting a business, writing skills, business financial management

New Business
A. June Treasures’ Report (as of 6/30/20) – Monthly first meeting of the month.
Bank Account – Wells Fargo – Not provided
Checking – $
Savings – $
Paypal – $
Total – $

B. Membership Report – Not provided
Premiere –
Basic –
Affiliate Basic –
Affiliate Premier –
Student –

C. Task – Schedule EB meetings for every two weeks (day and time) (tabled)

D. Motion made by Evelyn Robert to review all technical programs; list of all programs
and app with cost for each; purpose of each program and app. (tabled)

E. Motion made by Penny Cates to survey membership; what resources are members
using (e.g., ODG) (this will be moved to 7/14 meeting) (tabled)

F. Motion made by Penny Cates – Plan for time without a management company –
Emergency Plan (tabled)

G. Motion made by Evelyn Robert to extend SPM by an extra day for 2020; restructure
➢ Discussion: allow for 2 – 3 days for SPM
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Erin
Approved: Unanimous

H. Motion made by Erin OConnel to become a preferred provider for CCM
➢ Discussion: Kelly updated the PACE contact info, but it reverted to Annie when I
logged in on 6/8/20.
➢ The cost per year for a preferred provider is approx. $250

I. Motion made by Erin on 6/9/20 re: Affiliate programs to be done by Lubna
➢ Discussion: She can also research other options for affiliates.
• Freshbooks
• Services, health services discount
• Vista print, etc.
➢ Nonmembers and members can use these benefits, and AALCP will get a kickback for
everyone who signs up throughout Website.
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Erin
Approved: Unanimous

J. Motion made by Penny Cates to hire a bookkeeper at $78 – $85/per hour (tabled)

K. Motion made by Erin OConnel to begin a search for a new journal editor (tabled)

L. Legal damages are considered a small claim against the law firm (Ken) who approved
the contract and (David) for potential misguidance.

M. Payment for Invoices/reimbursement (tabled)

N. Motion made by Erin to find a publisher (tabled)

O. Adjournment 8:15: pm (approved unanimously)

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