Executive Board Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2023

Call to order: 1500 PST

  1. Members Present: Andrea Nebel, Erin OConnell, Jim Quinn, Misty Coffman, Shelly Kinney, Jess Urie
  2. Approval of the Agenda: Shelly moved to approve the agenda. Seconded by Jess. February 14 Agenda approved 
  3. Approval of the Minutes: January minutes were approved. 
  4. Reports

Treasurer Report

January 1st, 2023 Opening Checking Balance:  $30,559.15 
January 1st, 2023 Opening Savings Balance: $114,801.13 

Income from Conference:  
Basket Raffle Sponsorship: $1950      
Conference Regular Member: $12,320     
Conference Regular Non-Member: $3,780          
Conference First Day Only: $280.00   
Income from renewals: $6,708.93     
Income from New Memberships: $514.60

Income from other sources     
Basic Membership: $675.00 
Student Premier Membership: $398.00  
Webinars Members: $232.42.      
Interest: $98.16

Total income for January:  $26,958.11 


  • Contracted Labor $1,557.15
  • Software: $1,377.45
  • Office Expenses Mailbox: $236.07
  • Office Expenses Bank Charges: $35.00
  • Printing Fees: $31.25 
  • Continuing Education: $6,179.08
  • Extra monthly expenses (Merchant Fees): $839.96 
  • Conference Supplies: $21.54
  • Conference Speaker Expenses: $-13.76
  • Conference Marketing: $303.39

Total expenditures: $10,532.13  

January 31, 2023 Closing Checking Balance Actual: $44,365.03  
January 31, 2023 Closing Checking Balance based on calculations: (banking postings in transit.)  $46,985.13  
January 31, 2023 Closing Savings Balance Actual: $114,898.67 
Total liquid assets as of January 31st, 2023 (Actual, not calculated): 


Sponsorship Report 

  • Will be addressed in the joint meeting

Ongoing Agenda Items

  1. Membership Meeting
  • Awards: nominations are coming in and are open until 2/28/23. Andrea has been nominated for an award and additional nominations will be forwarded to Misty.
  • Bylaws: Changes will be reviewed at the membership meeting for voting by members in attendance at the conference.
  • Power point: Andrea is working on power point for the meeting
  • Logo: Anthony will develop one logo for $500. Chris is happy to discuss the logo and various versions and formats of the logo with the board
  1. Executive Board Positions
  • Packet for newly elected board members
  • Action item/Deadline: Tabled until after the conference
  • Outcome: 
  1. SPM 2022 
  • Meeting minutes – final version
  • Action item/Deadline: Andrea is finalizing
  • Outcome: 
  1. Conference
  • Location/Date 2024: Atlanta, GA by unanimous vote of board members
  • Refer to the Joint meeting for additional conference information.
  1. Newsletter
  • Advertisement set up
  • Action item/Deadline: Andrea will work with Colin on this
  • Outcome: 
  1. Stephen Axtell
  • Agreement Addendum – * provided amount to be approved annually by the EB prior to booking.
  • Pricing of ads (yearly)
  1. Lubna contract
  • Back from leave 2/20/23
  • Update hourly pay and send to Lubna for signature – follow up upon her return
  • Research additional options for administrative support
  • Action item/Deadline: Andrea will follow up after the conference
  • Outcome: Pending
  1. Fall conference 
  • Need to upload all authorized videos for purchase – followed up with Colin
  • Members $25/session
  • Non-member $45/session
  • Action item/Deadline: 
  • Outcome: 
  1. Rebranding/Website
  • Logo – Anthony – $500
  • Hello Monochrome
  • Will make decisions on this item after the conference

New Business  

  1. Utah registered agent? 2X/year. Research the appropriate months. Jim will track.
  2. Standards of Practice Booklet – tabled until after the conference
  3. AANLCP/IALCP – Meeting in February
  4. Directory for non nurse life care planners – tabled until after the conference
  5. Political Action Committee – tabled until after the conference
  6. Member Needs Assessment – tabled until after the conference
  7. Consider live stream of membership meeting at the next conference – This was researched by Erin and costs are outside of our budget.
  8. Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 1730 to enter the joint session with committee chairs.

Respectfully Submitted by 
Shelly Kinney
Secretary, AANLCP