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Monthly EB Meeting
6:00 p.m. EST
6:02 p.m. EST
6:30 p.m. EST
Annie Wiest
Beth Wood
Erin OConnell, Denise Wrenn LaToya Lowery, Annie Wiest, Beth Wood, James Burkhalter

Location: Virtual  
Meeting Type: Teleconference
Call-In Code: 425635  
Guests: none
Absent: Lori Dickson  

Next EB Monthly Meeting Date & Time: October 9, 2018, @ 6:00 p.m. EST
Next EB & Chair Quarterly Meeting Date & Time: October 9, 2018, @ 6:30 p.m. EST


Please Read:
Please Read:
Please note:
August 14, 2018 EB meeting minutes and ready to vote at the meeting
Treasurer Report
Lori has stepped down from her role as President, due to personal reasons, and

Erin will step in for continuity of care. Erin will call Lori.
Please Review:

Membership Action Plan
1. Educate membership regarding benefits- ongoing
      • New Discount offer – AccuMed HealthCare Research
2. Survey members on a regularly scheduled basis- ongoing (increased membership, increased
sponsorship) (pending plan)
3. New member recruitment campaigns- Member get member; recognize them and put name in bucket
for drawing. New member welcome letter (email) from President. Erin & Annie will work together on
the letter to the membership.
4. Exhibit at least 3 high return on investment (ROI) conferences- Need to find out the outcome of the
conferences attended this past few months (pending plan)
5. Develop speaker bureau of members willing to speak at strategic alliance partners’ conferences
regarding NLCP- Speak at the strategic alliance partners conference, (pending plan) in addition to
having a booth:
CMSA (Association pays to be an exhibitor)
NAMSAP (Denise went, free booth. No membership or sponsorship from them, cost is only shipping
fees) Not budgeted
IARP (shipping fee costs, with booth)
JERK ($150 for booth) Not budgeted
Approached NSO

1. Minutes: EB Meeting Minutes: Approved 7/10/18 minutes of the Executive Board.
Motion for Approval: Unanimous.
2. Treasurer’s Report (as of 7/31/18)
a. Checking Account Balance: $49,888.26
b. Savings Account Balance: $44,383.03
c. Total: $94,271.29
d. Outstanding Expenses (Annie / LaToya)
3. Membership
      a. Current Membership Numbers – 188 (22 more members than last month)
           i. Premier – 88
           ii. Deluxe – 18
           iii. Basic – 64
           iv. Associate – 13
           v. Student Track – 5
4. Strategy Planning Meeting – Annie
San Diego, CA, 9/13/18-9/16/18
5. Options for redoing the website- Erin will review, pending
6. Core Book Process Update – Erin will review status, pending
7. ExamWorks – No Update on this project
      a. Looking to replace SmartAdvisor
      b. Need to test whether or not they can write MSA’s and LNR’s by solely using AANLCP’s
           i. If this testing proves to benefit Exam works, at least 24 nurses will become
premier members and will automatically be signed up for conference annually.
This translates to:
              1. An additional $15k in membership revenue
              2. An additional $15k in conference registration revenue
      c. Before the preferred three nurses test our resources, we will employ one (1) initial user
to test the current system
           i. This should be completed by 5/30/18
      d. Will prefer to use a current AANLCP currently employed at ExamWorks
           i. If there is none, Lori will pick one of the three preferred nurses to perform this
      e. The three preferred nurses need FREE premier membership access for one month (30
      f. ODG will not be used as Exam Works has its own subscription/relationship with ODG
      g. Official testing by all three nurses should begin on 6/1/18
8. Journal Committee – Erin will review, pending
      a. Need to explore restructuring this committee

*The items that did not get discussed will be followed up in email communications.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m. (EST)
Motion to adjourn approved unanimously

Approved 10/9/18

The mission of AANLCP is to support the nursing community to achieve excellence in the practice of nurse life care planning.
This is accomplished by providing the fluid exchange of information and an opportunity for lifelong learning through the promotion of education,
collegiality, collaboration, research, and standards of practice.


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