MEETING INFORMATION Objective: Monthly Executive Board Meeting Date: April 14, 2020 Location: Virtual GTM

Meeting Type: ZOOM teleconference
Time: 5:45 EDT / 4:45 CDT / 3:45 MDT / 2:45 PDT
Call to order: Adjourned: 5:50 pm EDT 6:29 pm EDT
Coordinator: Timekeeper: Attendees: Guests: Absent:  Erin OConnell Kelly Dawson Erin OConnell, Evelyn Robert, Kelly Dawson, Penny Cates None Jason Kotas Facilitator: Scribe: Erin OConnell Kelly Dawson

Next EB Meeting: May 12, 2020 ( 5:45 EDT / 4:45 CDT / 3:45 MDT / 2:45 PDT) Next EB & Committee Chair Meeting: June 9, 2020 (6:30 EDT / 5:30 CDT / 4:30 MDT / 3:30 PDT via Zoom Meeting)

MINUTES EB Meeting Minutes for April 14, 2020: Reviewed via email and approved on 4/27/20. A. *Treasurer’s Report: Penny Cates – no updated report a. Checking Account Balance (Chase): b. Savings Account Balance (Chase): c. Total (Chase): d. Checking Account Balance (Wells Fargo): e. Savings Account Balance (Wells Fargo): f. Total (Wells Fargo): g. PayPal Balance i. 11/30/19: ii. 12/10/19: h. TOTAL (Chase, Wells Fargo, and PayPal): B. CEU’s: Erin OConnell a. Working on Conference CEU’s and Ethics for CNLCP, CLCP, MSCC, CCM, RN, CLE, CCMC, CDMS, & CLE b. Working on offering more CEU’s for educational Webinars c. CCM has preferred provider lists that would offer advertising for AANLCP’s educational offerings; looking into getting AANLCP on preferred provider lists d. CA Board of Nursing CEU’s – need CV of presenter, program description, identify advertising done for educational offering, and copies of handouts; must keep on file for seven years. C. Bank Account: Penny Cates a. Due to COVID-19 – may be more delay in getting Key Executors to WF account D. AANLCP Scholarship for 2020 a. Awarded to Erin OConnell – $500.00 E. Registered Agent: Erin OConnell a. Will finish paperwork; cost $75 per year for an agent in Utah. F. AANLCP Insurance Policies: Erin OConnell a. Applications completed, still need 2018 tax returns – completed as of 4/27/20 G. P&P needed: Erin OConnell a. Student Track b. Mentorship Program c. Nominations H. AANLCP Processes: EB heading up development and creation Motion to adjourn approved unanimously. Meeting adjourned: 6:29 pm *Any items that do not get discussed will be followed up via email communications or tabled to the next meeting. ________________________      __________________________ Erin OConnell                          Evelyn Robert AANLCP – President             AANLCP – President-Elect ________________________      __________________________ Penny Cates                            Kelly Dawson AANLCP – Treasurer             AANLCP – Secretary

Approved on 4/27/20 The mission of AANLCP is to support the nursing community to achieve excellence in the practice of nurse life care planning. This is accomplished by providing the fluid exchange of information and an opportunity for lifelong learning through the promotion of education, collegiality, collaboration, research, and standards of practice.


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