Executive Board Meeting Minutes
April 13, 2021


I. Call to order @ 16:45 CST
Present: Erin OConnell, Andrea Nebel, Penny Cates, Richard Bays
II. Approval of the Agenda
III. Approval of the Minutes – Yes per President, seconded by Treasurer
IV. Reports

Treasurer Report

Checking $63,741.87 March End Bal $61,146.22
Savings $44,130.84 March End Bal $44,130.84
PayPal $2,460.64 March End Bal $ 1,708.07

Income from conference $34,904.32 (YTD Mar $25,891.45
Income from renewals: $611.83 (March)
Income from new memberships: $0
Income from other sources (include source)
Associate Basic Membership $179.10
Basic Membership $4,377.06
Premier Member $17,869.08
Student Basic Membership 1st Year $95.83
Student Premier Membership $584.86
Gold Sponsorship $0
Sales of Product Income $27.52
Interest Income $.74
Totals $49,637.47

Expenses paid: $10,131.63
Recurrent monthly expenses: $1,900
Extra monthly expenses: $1,537.67
Expenses related to conference: $2,000
Total expenditures: $15,569.30

Membership Report

Lubna will add this information

2021 Paid Conference Sponsorship Report

Lubna will add this information

2021-2022 Annual Sponsorship Report

Lubna will add this information

Ongoing Agenda Items

V. Meeting minutes 2020
1. Certified letter sent – Meeting minutes of 2020 annual membership meeting in Google Drive
2. Lubna will post last conference meeting minutes

New Business

VI. Pre-conference – Registrant numbers are typical
VII. Stacy Moffett – Amendment approved
VIII. Conference Cost Report – Reviewed
IX. Price List –
X. FIG – Signed contract received – in contract folder on google drive
XI. Triton contract – Sent
XII. Annual Member Meeting – Committee Reports
XIII. Website
XIV. Marketing
XV. Nursing-alliance – annual conference
XVI. Membership fee
XVII. Trademark renewal – USPTO renewal
XVIII. Calendar for EB as well as committees
XIX. AANLCP email addresses
XX. Will research looking for additional virtual assistant
XXI. Nominations for executive board need to go out / Awards needed for conference
XXII. Adjournment @ 18:34 CST

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