Executive Board-Committee Chairs Meeting Minutes
April 13, 2021


I. Call to order @ 17:34 CST
Present: Erin OConnell, Andrea Nebel, Penny Cates, Richard Bays, Wendie Howland, Stacy Moffett, Becky Czarnik
II. Committee Chair Reports
Journal – Wendie Howland
More members for committee needed
Nominations for article of the year needed
Presentation for the conference – Table in exhibit hall when not virtual
Conference – Stacy Moffett
E-mail being prepared to explain how to use platform / create profile
Speakers – need additional information – May pre-record or do live
Sponsors – contacted to provide additional information
Newsletter – working on new edition
Lubna to link Zoom & Whova
Bio’s needed for speakers – updating
Webinars – Becky Czarnik
Apr: Friburg Medical Pain Management
May: Navigating the Crash Cart
June: TBI with Kim Gully
July: Burns and the LCP
Aug: Psych and the LCP
Sept: TBI and the LCP
Oct: Functional capacity Evaluation Functional Capacity Evaluation
Nov: Research tips and techniques (need confirmation)
Dec: TBI and Hearing (need confirmation)
Jan: Writing, Critiquing, and Formatting Reports (need confirmation)

III. Adjournment @ 17:57 CST

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