Objective: Executive Board Meeting
Date: 5/1/2020
Location: Virtual GTM
Time: 5:45 EST / 4:45 CST / 3:45 MST / 2:45 PST
Call to order: 5:45 EST
Adjourned: 9:15 EST
Coordinator: Erin OConnell Facilitator: Erin OConnell
Timekeeper: Kelly Dawson Scribe: Kelly Dawson
Attendees: Kelly Dawson, Penny Cates, Erin OConnell, Evelyn Robert
Guests: Victory Powell, Joan Schofield, Stacy Moffett

Call to order
Roll Call
Open issues:

A. AANLCP Liability Insurance
➢ Pending final approval and signature

B. Met with Conference Committee Chairs and Stacey
➢ Updates provided by Victoria Powell and Joan Schofield

C. Ongoing discussion of The Center for Association Recourses and AANLCP’s plan
➢ CAR – expenses and discrepancies
➢ Options for new legal counsel – Loeb & Loeb
➢ Issues re: non-approved purchases

D. Erin contacted Colin to meet with Becky regarding Webinars

E. 2020 Conference
➢ Sign in process to manage CEU’s
➢ EB need to define Roles and Responsivities of EB, Committee, Stacy Moffett, and
Website developers r/t to annual conference
➢ Plan to have separate meeting with Stacy monthly to make sure everyone stays on track

F. Erin discussed gentleman she hired from UpWorks to manage Infusionsoft and overall
➢ Hours rate – $15
➢ To date hours = approximately 20

G. Motion made by Erin OConnell for volunteers to write the P&P for Student Track
➢ Further discussion is needed regarding qualifications for program of up to 6 months
post-graduation from their program; need to sign up for student track program
➢ Policy needs to be written; what are the rules now? done
➢ How many students right now? Pending – need to know

H. Motion made on 4/27/2020 by Evelyn to seek out and market to nurses from
colleges/university student to attend out conference and what are the appropriate fees.
➢ Discussion: If the student wanted to attend and maybe volunteer at our conference,
what rate could be offer them for membership and conference attendance. Non LCPer
membership and conference rate for nursing college students – student could
subcontract with LCPer or mentorship in LCPing.
➢ Needs further discussion (Tabled to next meeting)

I. 2019 and 2020 CEU’s
➢ 2020 – certificates are going out in next couple days – CCM, CNLCP, CLCP, MSCC, RN
➢ 2019 – CCM, CLCP and MSCC – members need can have these reviewed by the certifying
body as an individual; only approved for RN and CNLCP
➢ Erin will organize something on the website with necessary documents needed and
instructions on how to apply for CEU’s

New Business
A. May Treasures’ Report – no report provided to date
Checking – $
Savings – $
Paypal – $
Total – $

B. Monthly Webinars, CEU’s, Social media for AANLCP
➢ Social media for AANLCP will be handled by AANLCP
➢ Education committee can post on their individual social media accounts as well. In
addition, all committee chairs and EB should be posting info regarding AANLCP on their
personal social media accounts
➢ Education committee should be obtaining all email addresses for each webinar
presenter and enter this into Infusionsoft. This starts the process in Infusionsoft.
UpWorks person to then start process of setting up Webinars and link all to AANLCP
social media accounts
➢ Plan to than lump several Webinars to submit for CEU
➢ Webinar marketing will be automated via Infusionsoft
➢ Reviewed PACE
Motion for approval: Penny
Seconded: Erin
Approved: Unanimous

C. Discussion regarding which committee is solely responsible for all CEU’s (webinar and
annual conference)
➢ Consider education committee, conference committee, or other
➢ Discussed purchasing a reloadable card with funds to pay for CEU’s
Motion for approval: Penny
Seconded: Erin
Approved: Unanimous

D. Discussion regarding Website
➢ Access to the membership database
➢ Mentorship Program – this needs to be changed on the Website; this is only available to
Premier members
➢ Education Committee (Infusionsoft link for future Webinars, need the previous
presenter’ CV, CEUs for recorded webinars
➢ Per Colin – this is all ready to go
Motion for approval: Penny
Seconded: Erin
Approved: Unanimous

E. Motion made by Penny Cates – Plan for time without a management company –
Emergency Plan (Tabled)
➢ Email, phone; virtual assistant
➢ AANLCP processes in place regarding this issue
➢ Change passwords, bank privileges

F. Motion made by Erin OConnell to withdraw a member from AANLCP (member sharing
private emails with the Center, verbal agreements, etc.)
➢ Discussion: Can the board vote to permanently remove a member from the Association?
➢ AANLCP Bylaws
Section 5. Termination of Membership. AANLCP® members may have their membership
terminated by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Board for failure to meet
membership requirements, for failure to adhere to the AANLCP® Bylaws, or for cause.
Cause shall be defined as any action which is determined by the Executive Board to be
detrimental to the best interests of the AANLCP®

G. Initial video with Robert sent by Penny and Erin to have it transcribed

H. Zapier – program file sharing – $19/month – needs further discussion
➢ Erin provided explanation of this application

I. Payment for Invoices/Reimbursement
➢ 5-12-20 Paid – Expenses to the Center ?? amount

J. Adjournment 9:15 pm (approved unanimously)

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