APPROVED 2/12/19

Objective: Monthly Executive Board Meeting

Date: 12/11/18
Time: 6:00 EST / 5:00 CST / 3:00 PST
Location: Virtual GTM
Meeting Type: GoToMeeting teleconference
Call to order:
6:04 p.m. EST
6:32 p.m. EST



Debra Lloyd
Beth Wood
Erin OConnell, LaToya Lowery, Beth Wood, Debra Lloyd, Kelly Dawson, Denise Wrenn, Kimberly Kushner

Debra Lloyd
Beth Wood

Guests: none
Absent: none

Next EB Meeting:
Jan 8, 2019 (6:00 EST / 5:00 CST / 3:00 PST via GoToMeeting
Next EB & Committee Chair Meeting:
Jan 8, 2019 (6:30 EST / 5:30 CST / 3:30 PST via GoToWebinar

EB Meeting Minutes for 12/11/2018: reviewed and approved
Motion for Approval: Kelly
Seconded: Kim
Treasurer’s Report (as of 11/30/2018) LaToya
a. Checking Account Balance: $33,427.79
b. Savings Account Balance: $44,389.12
c. Total: $77,816.91
d. LaToya has access to Chase account

A. Membership: Erin/Debra
a. New memberships closed? Discuss if we can offer a pro-rated membership to
encourage people to join now and attend Conference in March 2019.
B. Overhead refunds/reductions: Erin/Debra
a. Setting up a Fed Ex account for the association purposes
b. PayPal account set up to affect a reduction in the processing fees
c. QuickBooks reduced service level to save on monthly fees
d. Laptop is not being used. Discontinue MozyPro backup service (Debra uses
her own laptop)
e. Budget savings reveal large enough savings to pay for editor for Core
f. Password; new secure password for the President and Manager and
emergency contact, with encryption
C. 501(c)3 status: Erin/Debra
a. Amazon Smile; Debra to check on this, as Erin has reviewed with Tax
professional, and the association is set up properly
b. Refund for the Utah registered agent services; address will stay the same for
all mail for the association, on Main Street, SLC, UT.
D. Conference 2019: Erin/Debra
a. Early Bird cut-off changed to January 15, 2019
b. Standard runs through March 1, 2019
c. Installments last accepted on January 11, 2019
E. Royalty payments from EBSCO & Create Space
a. Create Space; Scope and Standards
b. iUniverse; Core Curriculum (taking up to 8 weeks to receive an order once
purchased online) Debra working on this
c. EBSCO; royalty checks should be getting back

*Any items that do not get discussed, will be followed up via email communications.
Meeting was adjourned at 6:32 p.m. (EST).
Motion to adjourn approved unanimously. 



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