APPROVAL 2/12/19


Call to order:


Executive Board & Joint Committee Chairs Meeting
6:30 PM EST
6:35 PM EST
7:17 PM EST

Meeting Type: Webinar based teleconference


Location: Virtual
Debra Lloyd
Erin OConnell
Erin OConnell, Denise Wrenn, Debra Lloyd, Beth Wood, LaToya Lowery,

Wendie Howland, Kimberly Kushner, Becky Czarnik, Kelly Dawson
Debra Lloyd
Beth Wood
Guests: None
Absent: None

Next EB & Chair Quarterly Meeting: 2/12/19

Committee Chairs Meeting Minutes
• Conference committee
• Journal committee
• Outreach committee
• Education committee
• Research committee
Nominations committee

Quarterly EB-Chair Meeting Minutes for 12/11/18:

Reviewed at Joint Committee Chair Meeting on 2/12/19

Motion for Approval: Becky
Seconded by: Wendie

Quarterly EB-Chair Meeting Minutes for 2/12/19: Pending review at Joint Committee
Chair Meeting on 4/9/19.

A. Conference committee: Becky C.
a. Theme will be used to explore ways we can reach our individual maximum
potential without limitations. Promoting a think-outside-the-box approach to
life care plan development and implementation.
b. Topics: Will be covered by using a two-pronged approach
c. Speakers chosen, all in line and accepted, except one applicant. Keynote
speaker; Mel Pohl MD Medical Director of Las Vegas Recovery
Center; Functional Rehab Keynote speaker Friday 8-930
i. Schedule for conference provided for review
ii. Focus on the business of NLCP
d. Working on subcommittees for hospitality, fundraising; vendor relationship,
e. Pre Con: Speakers lined up for the pre-con sessions (all 3 have agreed)
i. Conference hours 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
ii. Will have a Welcome reception as the kick-off. No dinner as Las Vegas
is a destination.
iii. Review what level of disclosure to share with vendors; Erin
iv. Budget; collaboration with EB and Becky, as Chair with budget
v. Need: getting vendors. Committee has re-emailed.
vi. Want to work with Outreach Committee, once a Chair is named.

B. Membership Committee Report: No Report. Items remain pending.
a. Membership update (no new current update)
i. Look at revising the protocol for standard questions; i.e.; do a FAQ
page with standard questions that are often asked
ii. Conference set up for new members to feel welcome and learn how
the Conference works. Consider mentors for new members
iii. Provide list of new member conference attendees to Joanne in
preparation for Conference mentorship
b. Outstanding issues-none

C. Education Committee Report: Becky C.
a. Current status
Dec; Shelene Giles; Evidence based practice in Nursing (12/19/18)
Jan; Shanna Huber; How to grow your business with technology
Feb; Mila Carlson; Succession Planning

March; No Webinar due to Conference
April; Kathy Cox; nurse/attorney regarding Cannabis uses
May; Attorney; brain injury
June; in process
b. Encouraged to listen to the Webinars
c. Crash Cart/Dropbox: Becky will upload file
d. New folder in DropBox for Crash Cart uploads

D. Research Committee Report: No Report. Items remain pending.
a. Current status
i. Results from survey done at Conference is in, continue analysis of the
ii. Call out to members for a replacement Research Chair and interest to
iii. Committee meetings will meet the 1st Thursday of each month
b. Outstanding issues
i. Seeking new Chair, Joan is currently acting as Chair of Committee
ii. Request the sign-up sheet from the Conference of interested
members to be part of the Research Committee (Annie will obtain)

E. Journal Committee Report: Wendie H.
i. Reached out to 20 interested contacts to be on journal
ii. Plan: for future journal topics
iii. Dates considered; April, July, October, January OR February (as Past
Presidents issue), May, August, November
iv. Reaching out to Past Presidents in progress
v. Criteria for a committee member set by Chair to be a participant
vi. Continue with plan for the Webinars turn into articles for the Journal;
Becky (education chairperson) agreed to ask webinar presenters to
consider writing an article for journal based on the webinar content,
either as the sole author or possibly be paired with an interested coauthor. This proposed idea would need to be coordinated by the
journal committee, to locate interested co-authors with writing skills.

F. Nomination Committee Report: No new updates
a. Executive Board Meetings upcoming with review of new nominees

G. Outreach committee: No Report. Items remain pending. Erin working on a Chair
a. GOAL: Increase positive image of AANLCP among members; increase
membership participation; increase membership numbers
b. Marketing Tool: This newsletter is a marketing tool to be used, not to be
confused with the Journal, considered as education

c. Audience focus is all AANLCP members, nonmembers and CNLCP’s
i. Will send quarterly emails to each audience. Will be short newsletters
that include information about webinars, journal, some educational
information, and information on next years’ conference
ii. Target date for first newsletter, pending
iii. Wendie H., joined outreach committee and will ‘jazz’ up newsletter
iv. Will begin sending members birthday emails on the day/month of
their birthday
d. Will send emails to each audience. Will be short newsletters that include
information about webinars, journal, some educational snippets, next years’

*The items that did not get discussed, will be followed up in email communications
Motion to adjourn approved unanimous
Meeting was adjourned at 7:17 p.m., EST.


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