Objective: Executive Board Meeting
Date: 8/11/2020
Location: Virtual GTM
Time: 5:45 EST / 4:45 CST / 3:45 MST / 2:45 PST
Call to order: 5:48 EST
Adjourned: 6:30 EST
Coordinator: Erin OConnell Facilitator: Erin OConnell
Timekeeper: Kelly Dawson Scribe: Kelly Dawson
Attendees: Kelly Dawson, Penny Cates, Erin OConnell, Evelyn Robert
Guests: Underground Railroad Representative – Garry McIntosh

Call to order
Roll Call
Open issues:

A. Management Company – The Center for Association Resources – ongoing discussion

B. Website updates: General and Conference Websites (tabled)

C. Social media updates (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) – Pending per Lubna

D. Policy and Procedures needed – in process (tabled)
➢ Student Track – policy and procedure
➢ P&P that addresses no payments will be made by AANLCP for purchases unless written
permission has been obtained.
➢ Itemized invoices – subcontractors

E. Marketing to nursing education programs for membership recruitment and conference
attendance – (tabled)

F. Removing a member (tabled)

G. 2021 Conference update
➢ Need to organize silent auction – calls to be made to obtain donations; advertising needs to start now, ask for donated subscription (e.g., Fair Health, Find-a-code, AHD)

H. 2022 Conference update (tabled)

I. 2022 conference site decision – New Orleans at Astro Crowne Plaza on Canal Street

J. Revenue ideas – Ongoing discussion (tabled)

K. Legal updates and CAR – ongoing discussion

L. Upwork update per Erin
➢ Approved hiring a 2nd UpWorks person at $18 per hour
➢ How many hours are needed – Erin estimated 40 hours = $720
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Penny
Approved: Unanimous

M. AANLCP Organization Update
➢ Consider merging with other organization (e.g., IARP, ALNC, CCM, other) call this a
“strategic partnership”
➢ Change name if needed
➢ file chapter 7 vs. 11

New Business
A. Treasures’ Report – Monthly first meeting of the month.
Checking – $28,674.93
Savings – $44,123.50 (June 30, 2020)
Paypal – $1,833.27 (transferred to Wells Fargo on 8/11/20)
Commission from San Diego Noble House; $4,465.53
Total – $79,097.23

B. Membership Report – Not provided
Premiere –
Basic –
Affiliate Basic –
Affiliate Premier –
Student –

C. Motion made by Erin OConnell to donate an exhibitor table to Garry, Operation
Underground Railroad
➢ Garry gave a 10 minute presentation about child trafficking. We are donating a table at
our conference to this organization.

D. Payment for Invoices/reimbursement – none provided

E. Erin proposed that the person who brings in the highest price for the silent auction will
be awarded with a free general conference admission ticket.
➢ Discussion regarding profit possibilities
➢ Set minimum price for donated items
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Penny
Approved: Unanimous

F. Payment for Invoices/reimbursement
➢ Expenses Spent $200 to date with other UpWorks person
Motion for approval: Evelyn
Seconded: Penny
Approved: Unanimous

G. Adjournment 6:30 pm (approved unanimously)

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