Objective: Executive Board & Joint Committee Chairs Meeting
Date: August 11, 2020
Location: Virtual
Meeting Type: Zoom teleconference
Time: 6:30 EDT / 5:30 CDT / 4:30 MDT / 3:30 PDT
Call to order: 6:30 PM EDT
Adjourned: 9:15 PM EDT
Recurring Meeting Link: Please join our meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Coordinator: Erin OConnell Facilitator: Erin OConnell
Timekeeper: Kelly Dawson Scribe: Kelly Dawson
Attendees: Erin OConnell, Evelyn Robert, Kelly Dawson, Penny Cates, Wendie Howland, Becky Czarnik
Guests: Stacy Moffett
Absent: Phelicia McCallum, Joan Schofield, Victoria Powell


Committee Chairs Meeting Minutes – updates from Committee Chairs or
representative for each committee
A. Conference Committee
B. Education Committee
C. Research Committee
D. Journal Committee
E. Nominations Committee
F. Membership/Outreach Committee
G. Mentorship Program / Lifeline
H. Student Track


A. *Conference Committee: Victoria Powell & Joan Schofield Co-Chairs – no report
a. Monthly meeting – Date/time:
b. Committee member volunteers, subcommittees, and specific roles – need an
c. CEU’s for conference responsibility?
d. 8/11/20 – no report

B. Education Committee Report: Becky Czarnik
a. Monthly meeting – 1st Wednesday at 11 a.m. EDT
b. Committee members: Chair – Becky Czarnik; Members: Kelly Dawson, Nellie
Kramer, Edna Preau-Grier, ?? other members
c. Webinar Wednesday – Current status
August 12 – Writing for publication – Wendie Howland
September 9 – Cognitive Decline
October 14 – Kurt Collier Osteointegration
November 11 – Michelle Mioduszewski Neuro Sensory Rehabilitation
December 9 – Marcia Blount What you need to know when planning
for the long term care needs of a ventilated pediatric patient
January 2021 – Stark MD, SI joints
February 2021 – Radiologist presenting about preexisting conditions
and reading MRIs and x-rays
March 2020 – no Webinar
d. Future: Find-A-Code, AHD, more attorneys to speak about specific cases
e. Crash Cart: will move forward when Shelene is back to work
Still on the agenda is to make sure that it is ok to transition to FIG for
The vetting process for new materials to be submitted
There will be an article in the Nov JNLCP about how to use it. The site is
ok enough that this is not a problem directing members on how to use it.
f. CEU’s (Webinar and/or Conference)
g. * Education Survey to membership
h. * Catalog – Webinar’s available on-demand)
i. * Reach out to Membership/Outreach Committee to market webinars with
j. 8/11/20 – Discussed current issues and future plans

C. Research Committee Report: Joan Schofield – committee is not active
a. Monthly meeting (date/time): ??
b. Committee members: Linda Husted, Nancy Zangmiester, Penny Cates
c. Current status
i. Results from the survey done at 2018 Conference is in, continue
analysis of the study; Joan has completed basic tabulations, but more
data to be extrapolated
d. Outstanding issues
i. Seeking new Chair, Joan is currently acting as Chair of Committee
ii. Request the sign-up sheet from the conference of interested
members to be part of the Research Committee (Debra will obtain)

D. Journal Committee Report: Wendie Howland
a. Monthly meeting – 3rd Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST
b. Call-in number (712) 832-8330; access code 2093940
c. Publications dates: February, May, August, and November
d. Plan: future journal topics
i. November 2020 – Durable Medical Equipment
ii. February 2021 – Therapeutic modalities
iii. May 2021 – Business of NLCP
iv. August 2021 – NLCP across the ages
v. November 2021 – TBD
e. EB liaison for Journal Committee – Evelyn Robert
f. 8/11/20 Link for Sherlene’s presentation does not work; Erin is working with
Rob to correct this

E. Core: Wendie Howland – Wendie Howland, Editor
a. Associate Editors – Shelly Kinney and Barbra Bate
b. Outlines due mid-November
c. Chapter deadline January
d. Discussed publishing options hard copy and possibly eBook.
i. An eBook could be in color, searchable, and include links
e. Editor – EB to put on RFP – No updated provided
f. C coming along slowly
g. Wende is planning to retire from LCPing in March 2021
h. Erin proposed “self-publishing” and Wende reminded us that we still need an
Editor, need someone who has familiarity with health care type work;
IUnivirse LLC was last publisher
i. Wende would not pay $75 for the Core

F. *Nomination Committee Report:
a. Verify committee chair/members
b. Looking for committee Chair and members
c. Nominations forms have been sent out

G. *Membership/Outreach Committee Report: Phelicia McCallum – No Report. Items
remain pending. – committee is not active
a. Membership update (see EB meeting minutes)
i. Look at revising the protocol for standard questions (e.g., FAQ page
with standard questions that are often asked)
ii. Conference set up for new members to feel welcome and learn how
the conference works. Consider mentors for new members
iii. Provide a list of new member conference attendees to Joanne in
preparation for Conference mentorship
iv. Outstanding issues- ??
v. Considering adding a membership tier for retired life care planners
vi. EB update – Membership Handbook updated 8/2020
b. Outreach – – No Report. Items remain pending.
i. Update committee members and responsibilities
ii. Monthly meeting (date/time): ??
iii. GOAL: Increase positive image of AANLCP among members; increase
membership participation; increase membership numbers
iv. Marketing Tool: This newsletter is a marketing tool to be used, not to
be confused with the Journal, considered as education
v. Audience focus is all AANLCP members, nonmembers and CNLCP’s
vi. Will send quarterly emails to each audience. Will be short
newsletters that include information about webinars, Journal, some
educational information, and information on next years’ conference
vii. The target date for the first newsletter, pending
viii. Wendy H. joined the Outreach Committee and will ‘jazz’ up
ix. Will begin sending members birthday emails on the day/month of
their birthday
x. Will send emails to each audience. Will be short newsletters that
include information about webinars, Journal, some educational
snippets, next years’ conference
xi. Update from 6-11-19 Need to get an update on committee status –
Erin to f/u with Phelicia

H. *Mentorship Program / Lifeline: Executive Board update
a. Plan to get program active and organized; Mentor/Mentee – Guidelines
b. Guidelines completed for mentors/mentees
i. Need to match mentees with mentors

I. Student Track: Erin OConnell
a. FIG and Capital University are only approved participant in this program to
b. Students members get various benefits and discounts

*The items that were not discussed will be followed up in email communications if necessary
Motion to adjourn approved
The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m. EDT.

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