Executive Board Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2023

  1. The meeting was called to order at 1446 PST

Members present: Andrea Nebel, Erin OConnell, Jim Quinn, Misty Coffman, Shelly Kinney, Jess Urie

  1. Approval of the agenda: Unanimous
  2. Approval of previous minutes: Minutes of the previous meeting and Strategic Planning meeting are not yet finalized. They will be completed for board members to review prior to the February meeting.
  3. Reports

Treasurer Report

December 1st, 2022 Opening Checking Balance: $34,644.22

December 1st, 2022 Opening Savings Balance: $114,703.67


Income from Conference:    
Conference Regular Member: $2,800.00 
Pre-Conference Full Day: -$501.76                                   
Conference Early Bird: $1,996.00                                                                                 

Income from renewals: $6,721.08

Income from other sources     
Associate Premier Member: $250.00     
Basic Membership: $900.00   
Premier Member: $475.00   
Webinars Non-Members: $49.00

Interest: $98.61

Total income for December:  $12,787.93 


Membership resources EBSCO: -$172.12   
Membership resources ODG: $10,124.00       
Contracted Labor $1,266.57
Software: $1,377.45 
Office Expenses Bank Charges: $35.00
Printing Fees: $1,860.06
Extra monthly expenses (Merchant Fees): $417.22   
Conference Supplies: $843.68
Conference Speaker Expenses: $54.36

Total expenditures: $14,962.54 

December 31, 2022 Closing Checking Balance Actual: $30,559.15 

  • December 31, 2022 Closing Checking Balance based on calculations: (banking postings in transit.)  $32,469.61 
  • December 31, 2022 Closing Savings Balance Actual: $114,801.13 
  • Total liquid assets as of December 31st, 2023 (Actual, not calculated):


Net Profit for 2022:  $69,063.14 

Fall Conference Revenue both Members and Non Members:  $5,360.00 
Less Processing Fees: $177.04
Total Profit from Fall Conference:  $5,182.96 

Andrea presented a motion to approve the Treasurer Report. It was seconded by Jim.

Membership Report

There is not a membership report available for the meeting due to the scheduled absence of administrative personnel. A report will be available for the February meeting.

Sponsorship Report 

There is a schedule for the cost of ads for the newsletter. The website is being adjusted to allow collection of payment for newsletter advertising.

Ongoing Agenda Items

  1. Executive Board Positions
  • Packet for newly elected board members

Target Date: TBD Responsible party: TBD


  1. Strategic Planning Meeting (SPM) 2022: Minutes available were quickly reviewed.

Action Item: Andrea will provide the final version Target: 1/25/23
Responsible party: Andrea

  1. Conference

Conference 2023 – An additional meeting was scheduled for 1445 PST on January 25, 2023 to plan for the annual membership meeting to be held during the conference.
Action item: Proposed by-law changes will be uploaded to the shared file
Target date: January 25 Responsible party: Andrea
Outcome: TBD

2024 Conference location tables were reviewed. Concerns were voiced regarding social issues surrounding several of the locations. A cruise option was not presented. Misty requested information regarding an option in Atlanta, GA.
Target Date: 2/14/23 Responsible party: Jess

  1. Newsletter
  • Andrea is working on the January newsletter and announced advertising has been secured. Collin will set up the website to receive payments for advertising.
  • Andrea will assist Shelly to assume responsibility for the monthly publication.
  • Target Date: January 2023   Responsible party: Andrea and Shelly
  • Outcome: TBD
  1. Stephen Axtell
  • Agreement Addendum – * provided amount to be approved annually by the EB prior to booking.
  • Pricing of ads (yearly)
  • Jess is working with Stephen to share his knowledge and expertise during the conference.
  1. Lubna contract
  • Update hourly pay documents and send to Lubna for signature
  • Lubna on maternity leave until 02/06/2022
  • Target Date: 1/25/23 Responsible party: Richard?
  1. Fall conference 
  • Need to upload all authorized videos for purchase
  • Members $25/session
  • Non-member $45/session
  • Target Date: 2/14/23 Responsible party: Colin
  1. Rebranding/Website
  • Proposal Tendenci – Has not yet arrived. Erin will follow up
  • Proposal Ann
  • Hello Monochrome

New Business  

  1. Call for nominations – Board members at large
  • A call for nominations will be posted to the website and open for 30 days. 
  • Target Date: January/Feb 2023   Responsible party:
  • Outcome
  1. Core Curriculum – Shelly agreed to be liaison. The majority of chapters are ready for the final review by authors. More specific information will be presented at the next appropriate meeting.
  2. AANLCP/IALCP Summit – Meeting 2/17/23. Review the importance of the summits, who should attend. Misty, Andrea and Jess plan to attend
  3. Conference Scholarship – Reviewed the scholarship criteria. Andrea made a motion for a scholarship to be offered for this year’s conference. It was seconded by Jim. None opposed. An announcement regarding the scholarship and criteria will be in the newsletter.
  4. Directory for non-nurse life care planners – to be discussed at the conference planning meeting on 1/25/23.
  5. Political Action Committee – Tabled until a date later in the year.
  6. Member Needs Assessment – will be discussed at the 1/25/23 meeting
  7. Jess suggested that we hold a fund-raising raffle at the conference for tuition for next year’s conference. This requires a motion and vote.
  8. There was discussion about moving the time of the February meeting to earlier in the day. Additional specifics are required
  9. Target Date: 1/25/23   Responsible party: Andrea

The meeting was adjourned at 1612 PST

Respectfully submitted by
Shelly Kinney
AANLCP Secretary